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Samantha Wojcik

EDUC 344
Prof. Pesavento
Smart Board Lesson Reflection
Overall, I felt that Katie and I did a great job on our SmartBoard lesson. We
practiced our lesson beforehand and felt very prepared to use the different interactive
features of our lesson. Our objectives were that students would be able to differentiate
between the life cycles of various species, and be able to list the four stages of a life
cycle. I feel our lesson was able to assess our objectives because we were able to
interactively explain each of the different life cycles using different activities and
assessments to see if the students understood and differentiated the different life cycles.
To make our activity better, we could have had the students tell us more about the life
cycles while they were interacting with the lesson. We also could have had them tell us
each stage of the life cycle during our matching game activity. We used many of the 6E's
in our lesson. We engaged our students often by having them interact with the Smart
Board and asked them questions about what they were learning. The students were able to
"explore" the different life cycles by completing the different activities that we asked
them to do because these activities helped them learn more about each life cycle.
Students could explain each part of each life cycle due to familiarity and prior knowledge
of each life cycle. We could've included more elaboration into our lesson so that the
students would develop a more sophisticated understanding of the lesson. We evaluated
by having the students do activities throughout the lesson and by having worksheets that
we could have handed out and distributed to the students. We used E-learning by using

the SmartBoard and by having videos and interactive activities throughout the lesson.
Overall I feel that our lesson went well and I know I will feel very comfortable using the
Smart Board in my future classroom to teach.