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Abigail Shore

Professor Blandford
URWT 1103-006
26 October 2015
Annotated Bibliography
Buckley, Michael J. Denying and Disclosing God: The Ambiguous Progress of Modern Atheism.
New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 2004. Print.
This book was written to show the progression of atheism. It explains in the best possible
way how atheism came to be. Throughout this book it is showing the emergence of atheism. It
was able to explain to me how atheist emerged. It doesnt answer all my questions completely,
but it does give me a better view about atheism.
As I read through the book I was able to gain a better knowledge on how atheism was
developed. It was able to give me a better comprehension on how atheists think. My question on
the emergence of atheism was pretty much answered throughout this book. But as I read this are
started to develop more questions on atheism.
Denying and Disclosing God is a credible source. It was written and published by
Buckley. It was printed in Great Britain by St Edmundsbury Press Ltd.

Joshi, S. T. The Unbelievers: The Evolution of Modern Atheism. Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus,
2011. Print.
The Unbelievers is a book mainly on the history of past atheist and agnostic authors,
scientists, and philosophers. It was written in a timeline order of the recent decades of the growth

of atheism. This book helps me follow the growth of atheism and how it came to be. Its purpose
is to help me better understand the history behind atheism.
As I read certain sections in this book, I was able to see the growth of atheism. It also
showed me how science and other authors have an impact on recant atheists. This was very
helpful to me in understanding the past behind atheism and how it grew. I still have questions on
how it came to be but this gives me a better understanding behind atheism.
The Unbelievers is a credible source because it is a book written by Joshi. It also was
published by Prometheus Books in 2011. It was also printed in the United States of America.

Nielsen, Kai. Philosophy & Atheism: In Defense of Atheism. Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus, 1985.
This book helps understand some of the questions I have. Although they dont give me a
complete description of what I need to know it still gives me an idea of what an atheist is. This
book mainly gives information on what atheism is and what they believe. This gives a good
description of who an atheist is and why they choose to believe there is no God.
Some of the information in this book was able to inform me on the beliefs and facts
behind the identity of an atheist. It also gave the views of philosophy and how they affect the
causes of someone to turn towards atheism. I thought this book was helpful in the way of getting
a better understanding of atheism, but it still leaves me questioning on why and how someone
becomes or is an atheist.
It is a credible source because it is a book that was published in 1985 by Prometheus

Pasquini, John J. Atheist Persona: Causes and Consequences. U of America, 2014. Print.
In this book, the causes and effects of why someone is an atheists is discussed. It was able
to give me a better insight of why someone is an atheist. This talks about someone who converts
to atheism as well as someone who was raised as an atheist. Although there are many other
reasons behind why someone doesnt believe in God, this was written to give a pretty good idea
of why someone is an atheist.
I was able to grasp the causes of someone becoming and staying an atheist. This book
gave me a better understanding of things that has happened and still happening to people to cause
them to not believe in a God. I was able to have a better view on why people have converted to
atheism. This will definitely be helpful when I answer my questions about why someone can
believe there isnt a God.
This is a credible source because it is a book that was written and published. I got it from
the Atkins Library Database.

Robinson, B.A,. "Atheism: Belief in No God, or No Belief in God. (There Is a Difference)."

Atheism:. Web. 2 Nov. 2015.
On this website, it gives an outline of atheism. It explains the differences in Atheist who
believe there isnt a God and the belief in no God. This website gives many different articles
based on different topics of atheism. It also has personal stories of people who became atheists.
As I was reading the different sections throughout this website, I was able to gain a little
better knowledge of the influences of America. I found this article to be helpful in understanding

that the outside realm plays a big role in why people are/become atheists. I found this article to
be useful especially since it had personal stories of people who are atheists.
This is a credible source because the website is an .org. I will use this source to explain
who the social realm of America affects atheism.