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Pakistan railway presentation

Pakistan railway presentation


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Published by: Nadeem Meraj on Mar 30, 2010
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Nadeem Meraj Nasir Mehmood Sajjad Safder

History of rail transport in Pakistan

Extent of I spanning a

The possib middle of Commissi

Mission Statement
To provide a safe reliable , modern, efficient and cost effective infrastructure to its customers: to contribute in building the economy of Pakistan and to look after the welfare of its employees.

OUR MOTO Basically Pakistan railway has two moto’s: •Safety first and always •Avoid accident at all cost

Proposals In 2007, contracts were let for studies into a link between Pakistan and China via the border crossing near Kashgar. A line to the deepwater port of Gwadar is also proposed. Major Routes The total length of railway tracks in Pakistan is 5,072 miles (8,162 km). The busiest routes include: Peshawar-Karachi Peshawar-Quetta Lahore-Sialkot Lahore-Faisalabad Faisalabad-Khanewal

Passenger Traffic
Passenger traffic comprises 50% of the railway's total revenue. During 1999-2000, this amounted to Rs. 4.8 billion. Pakistan Railways carries 65 million passengers annually and daily operates 228 mail, express and passenger trains. The number of passengers carried daily is thus about 178,000. Pakistan Railways also operates special trains during occasions like congregations of the Dawat-e-Islami and the Tableeghi Ijtima.

Freight Traffic
The Freight Business Unit, with 12,000 personnel, operates over 200 freight stations on the railway network. The Unit serves two major ports of Karachi and Bin Qasim as well as all four provinces of the country and generates revenue from the movement of agricultural, industrial and imported products, Petroleum Oil & Lubricants (POL), wheat, coal, fertilizer, rock phosphate, cement, container traffic and sugar. About 39% of the revenue is generated from the transportation of POL products, 19% from imported wheat, fertilizer and rock phosphate. The remaining 42% is earned from domestic traffic

Pakistan Railway comprises 8,775 route km, 707

stations and 37 trains halts. It has a fleet of 563 diesel electric locomotives, 25,815 wagons and 1,623 passenger coaches. Maintenance is provided by three major locomotive workshops and thirtyfive smaller workshops. Signaling facilities at important stations are track circulated within interlocking limits. Most routes have VHF radio coverage for communication between train dispatchers and trains. Telephone Communication is over wire lines and microwave.


Timing of Bahawalnagar to Samasata train

Railways ne

Minister says a

1. Allama Iqbal Express (9 Up/10 Dn) 2. Awam Express (13 Up/14 Dn) 3. Badar Express (109 Up/110 Dn) 4. Ghauri Express (107 Up/108 Dn) 5. Bahauddin Zakaria Express 6. Badin Express (307 Up/308 Dn) 7. Bahawalpur Express (143 Up/144 Dn) 8. Baluchistan Express (31 Up/32 Dn) 9. Bolan Mail (3 Up/4 Dn) 10. Chenab Express (11 Up/12 Dn) 11. Chiltan Express (21 Up/22 Dn) 12. Dachi Express (221 Up/222 Dn) 13. Faisal Express (111 Up/112 Dn) 14. Faisalabad Express (35 Up/36 Dn) 15. Fareed Express (37 Up/38 Dn) 16. FAST (325 Up/326 Down) 17. Islamabad Non Stop (147 Up) 18. Lahore Non-Stop (148 Dn) 19. Jaffar Express (39 Up/40 Down) 20. Karachi Express (15 Up/16 Down) 21. Karakoram Express (41 Up/42 Down) 22. Khushhal Khan Khattak Express (19Up/20 Down) 23. Khyber Mail (1 Up/2 Down) 24. Lala Musa Express (137 Up/138 Down) 25. Malakwal Express (135 Up/136 Down) 27. Mari Indus Express (329 Up /330 Down)

28. Mehr Expess (127 Up/128 Down) 29. Musa Pak Express (115 Up/116 Down) 30. Narowal Express (209 Up/210 Down) 31. Night Coach (105 Up/106 Dn) 32. Pakpattan Express (117 Up/118 Down) 33. Qalandar Express (165 Up/166 Down) 34. Quetta Express (23 Up/24 Down) 35. Rachna Express (113 Up/114 Down) 36. Ravi Express (121 Up/122 Down) 37. Rohi Express (131 Up/132 Down) 38. Rohri Express (167 Up/168 Down) 39. Sandal Express (139 Up/140 Down) 40. Sargodha Express (123 Up/124 Down) 41. Shah Latif Express (151 Up/152 Down) 42. Shah Rukne Alam Express (29 Up/30 Down) 43. Shahbaz Passenger (309 Up/310 Down) 44. Shalimar Express (27 Up/28 Down) 45. Subuk Khram Express (103 Up/104 Down) 46. Subuk Raftar Express (101 Up/102 Down) 47. Sukkur Express (145 Up/146 Down) 48. Super Express (33 Up/34 Down) 49. Tezgam (7 Up/8 Down) 50. Tezrau (5 Up/6 Down) 51. Thal Express (129 Up/130 Down)



Pakistan Railways is continuously facing economic losses despite the injection of subsidy worth billions of rupees to make it a profitable public sector organization over the last two years. The National Assembly was told on Thursday that during 2007-2008 it suffered a loss of Rs12.66 billion which increased to Rs18.609 billion in 2008-2009. A fresh study for updating valuation of railway’s assets is currently in progress, the minister said.During 2007-2008, the minister for railways said, 15 per cent increase in pay and pension of federal government employees, phenomenal increase in oil prices were the main reasons behind PR’s losses. Moreover, on the eve tragic death of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, railway’s assets suffered a massive loss of Rs6.5 billion. The incident also caused a loss of Rs0.994 million due to suspension of train services. It also faced a shortfall of revenue of Rs9.017 billion. Similarly, during 2008-2009 the organization had to face a shortfall in it revenue of Rs6.439 billion. Likewise, the government increased pay, allowances and pensions up to 20 per cent which the PR had to pay from its kitty.

Name of Div


7P’s of Marketing
Product Price Promotion Placement People Process Physical Evidance

Core product of railway  Diversifying their activities The design and presentation characteristics For a railway freight service,

The published or negotiated value of the

exchange transaction for a product or service. Price must represent value to parties For a railway passenger service  For example

Railway marketing Promotional techniques Railway sales forces Lack of specialization

Place In the case of railways, In the wider sense Advantage


railway organization’s important resource Customer awareness


Operational processes Example Compatible Regular and frequent dispatch of his


loading Integral part

7)Physical evidence:
Customers for example

Introducing new long lead mail &

express trains Outhouses of Railway Bungalows Railways Schools Fuel consumption

Pakistan Railway has no Comport at all. Railway service . Overloaded Trains No proper check of tickets In-efficiency of staff

Other Comfortable Vehicles Shipment facility  No stations in big cities Earning of Pakistan Railway Expenditures

In addition to above, Twenty reservation offices have

been planned to be computerized. Jacobabad Mirpur Khas Jahangir Road Mehrabpur Jheulm Sargodha Malakwal Shorkot Cantt Nowshera Lalamusa Bhakkar Pakpattan Kundian Wazirabad Toba Tek Sing Kasur Raiwind Chiniot Landhi Tando Adam.


Pest Analysis includes:
The organization's marketing environment is made up of: 1. The internal environment 2. The micro-environment 3. The macro-environment

Political factors
Political condition. political instability New investors are now more reluctant Threatened foreign companies potential investors in railway.

Economic factors
Economic conditions  Due to increasing inflation, taxes, rising fuel charges


Social factors
The social environment has the following

factors. ·Attitudes ·Desires ·Expectations

Technological factors
Great importance in any industry. The most needed technologies of Pakistan railway are:

Electrical engines, New railway tracks, Setup of such system that improves the efficiency, Online ticketing, System that finds defaults in railway tracks

Approach to the problem
Management problem schedule timing,

corruption, overloading, uncomfortable, satisfaction level

Pakistan Railway has no Comport at all. Passenger get very tied due to

uncomfortable seats It consume more time of their customers. . There is no cleanliness with the rush of people. There is no proper check of tickets in Trains.

Train is always overloaded with the bundle of

people and Customer feel very difficult to take their seats

Train gets too much stops during the Journey. The staff of Pakistan Railway is In-efficient

that’s they give the tickets of same seat to the 2 customers. Its Shipment facility is not so good. Government not focusing on the Pakistan Railway that’s why earning of railway loses as compared to other transport like buses etc. The expenditure of Pakistan Railway is very high as compare to revenue.

High security system Clean environment. Corruption must be remove Pakistan Railway should launch some

comfortable trains. Better services in economy class. Quality of railway track. Schedule. Compensation.

Efficiency of administration By directing a greater proportion of their

business through such “wholesalers”, railway managements can often achieve significant reductions in their operating costs, with commensurate improvements in the overall corporate financial result. Improve shipment facility

It is seen that staff behavior is playing a

major role to change preference of travelers. No keen interest of Gove. In railway sector, due to this the railway failure. Mostly people preferred road transport railway transport is not available every where. Management problem and corruption is being main cause of railway failure.

Timing schedule of is poor because of some where

single track and carelessness of staff. Due to large journey.

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