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Treasure West

The principal knows how to shape campus culture by facilitating the

development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision
of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.
Competency Addressed
After communicating with the
principal about the vision of the
campus I was able to better
understand the needs and the
focus of the campus. All the
projects and ideas were created
and developed with the campus
vision in mind.

Learned about Competency

I learned that if all decisions are
made around the vision then the
campus will be more likely to
succeed academically.

Goal Statement
My goal, as it relates to this
competency would be to find ways
of creating the campus vision with
my faculty and staff that reflects
my morals and values. I would also
like to make sure that everyone
knows the vision and knows the
importance of using the vision to
drive all decisions. I believe it will
be important for me to create and
cultivate a culture that is vision
minded in an effort to achieve
academic success.

The principal knows how to communicate and collaborate with all

members of the school community, respond to diverse interests
and needs, and mobilize resources to promote student success.
Competency Addressed

Learned about Competency

Goal Statement

I organized a Family Math and

Science Night from start to finish. I
developed a committee and
together we decided the important
components of the Family Math and
Science Night. I communicated with
different people and organizations
in the community and developed
partnerships with them for the
Math and Science Night. Many of
the partnerships extended beyond
Math and Science Night. In
particular, the partnership created
the university of Houston Student
Teaching Department.

I learned that in order to gain

student success we must take
advantage of all resources. The
parents and the community can
play a major role in the success of
schools and students. I also learned
the importance of gathering input
from all campus stakeholders.
When you gather input from
everyone, or least from people that
represent everyone then the
people are more likely to buy into
what you are saying.

My learning goal in association with

this competency is to be able to
communicate and work effectively
with diverse groups in the school
community to ensure that all
students have an equal opportunity
for educational success.

I also learned the importance of

establishing partnerships with
I also organized and facilitated
parents, businesses, and others in
parent sessions with topics such as: the community to support the goals

The principal knows how to act with integrity, fairness, and

in an ethical and legal manner.
Competency Addressed
In my coaching and communication
with teachers I make it a point to
focus all changes around student
growth and students meeting their
academic goals. I consider this
level of support as me being an
advocate for all children. As an
advocate I always promote the
continuous and appropriate
development of all students.
I also supported the Special
Education and Resource teachers
and helped promote awareness of
learning differences within our
students through providing
teachers with training and coaching
around small groups, workstations,

Learned about Competency

I have learned that not only are
there learning differences among
our students, but there are also
learning differences among the

Goal Statement
My goal is to be more abreast to
specific policies and procedures
that promote professional educator
compliance with The Code of Ethics
and Standard Practices for Texas
Educators. My goal is also to gain
more knowledge on how to apply
legal guidelines to protect the
rights of students and staff and to
improve learning opportunities.

The principal knows how to facilitate the design and implementation of

curricula and strategic plans that enhance teaching and learning; ensure
alignment of curriculum, instruction, resources, and assessment; and
promote the use of varied assessments to measure student performance.
Competency Addressed

Learned about Competency

I provided professional
development for teachers in the
area of lesson planning, objective
writing, ad specific instructional
strategies. I also developed a
campus wide Math Problem Solving
Plan which was immediately
implemented campus wide. It has
been so effective that I, along side
two of my teachers have been
asked to present about it at HISDs
Math and Science Summit.
I supported the development and
implementation of campus and
district-wide assessments that
aligned to current and previously
taught standards. I also supported
teachers in realigning their scope

I learned that it is important to not

only be able to facilitate the design
of a lesson, but as a leader I also
need to be able to implement any
strategy that is being shared in
order to be able to support
throughout the entire process. I
learned that it is a continuous cycle
to be able to support curriculum on
a campus and to be able to know
that students are learning and what
to do if they are not learning.

Goal Statement
My learning goal for this particular
Goal promote the use of creative
thinking, critical thinking, and
problem solving by staff and other
campus stakeholders involved in
curriculum design and delivery.

The principal knows how to advocate, nurture, and sustain

an instructional program and a campus culture that are
conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.
Competency Addressed

Learned about Competency

Goal Statement

I held weekly professional

development in various areas, such
as data analysis, Lesson Planning,
Instructional Strategies, Problem
Solving, and much more depending
on the current need or focus of the
campus. I also held weekly
Professional Learning Communities
with grade levels and departments.
Most of these sessions focused on
specific research-based strategies
for upcoming units along with
classroom management.

I learned that it is important to

create conditions that encourage
everyone to achieve the campus
vision. I also learned the
importance of analyzing the
instructional needs of the campus,
but also to provide the campus with
the resources needed after you
know they need it.

My goal is to get more

opportunities to analyze the
implications of staffing, scheduling,
school structures and student
discipline practices. I also need to
gain more opportunities to ensure
responsiveness to diverse
sociological, linguistic, cultural, and
other factors that may affect
students' development and

I conducted a Math manipulatives

inventory across the campus to
ensure that all teachers had access
to the appropriate resources in

The principal knows how to implement a staff evaluation and development

system to improve the performance of all staff members, select and
implement appropriate models for supervision and staff development, and
apply the legal requirements for personnel management.
Competency Addressed

Learned about Competency

When supporting teachers I

establish and maintain a positive
teacher-coach relationship. As I
begin to conduct observations and
classroom visits I have found it
most beneficial to facilitate a
coaching conversation with the
teacher to identify the goals of the
teachers. I have also built in many
modeling opportunities, but even
before I model I believe it is
effective to actually set a clear
focus of the model and select a
specific instructional strategy to
model and plan that strategy with
the teacher before modeling it.
After I model the strategy and allow
time for the teacher to model I

I learned the importance of working

collaboratively with other members
from the campus to develop,
evaluate, and revise a
comprehensive campus
professional development plan. I
learned that the professional
development I provide needs to be
aligned to the campus vision and
goals in order for it to be effective. I
also learned that it is important for
me as a campus leader to engage
in ongoing professional
development activities to enhance
my own
knowledge and skills and to model
lifelong learning.

Goal Statement
My goal is to get more experience
allocating appropriate time,
funding, and other needed
resources to ensure the
effective implementation of
professional development plans. I
also plan to get more experiecne
with the implementation of
effective, appropriate, and legal
strategies for the recruitment,
screening, selection, assignment,
induction, development,
evaluation, promotion, discipline,
and dismissal of campus staff.

The principal knows how to apply organizational, decisionmaking, and problem-solving skills to ensure an effective
learning environment.
Competency Addressed

Learned about Competency

Goal Statement

My principal allowed me to be able

to have some difficult
conversations with teachers that I
may not have otherwise had the
opportunity to experience. The
conversations needed to occur in
order to ensure an effective
learning environment.

I learned the importance of using

strategies for promoting
collaborative decision making and
problem solving,
facilitating team building, and
developing consensus. I also find it
important to implement
appropriate management
techniques and group process skills
define roles, assign functions,
delegate authority, and determine
for campus goal attainment.

My goal is to create opportunities

where I can implement procedures
for gathering, analyzing, and using
data from a variety of sources for
informed campus decision making.

When I noticed a problem on

campus I always included other
members of the campus to help me
develop a plan to solve the
We provided team building
activities with the faculty such as
playing What Would You Do? to

The principal knows how to apply principles of effective leadership

and management in relation to campus budgeting, personnel,
resource utilization, financial management, and technology use.
Competency Addressed

Learned about Competency

Goal Statement

I sat in on several conversations

about the budget held between the
principal and the secretary.

I learned that it is beneficial to use

effective planning, time
management, and organization of
personnel to
maximize the attainment of the
district goals as well as the goals of
the campus.

My goal is to find opportunities to

gain experience in applying
procedures for effective budget
planning and management, work
collaboratively with stakeholders to
develop campus budgets, apply
laws and policies to ensure sound
financial management in relation to
accounts, bidding, purchasing, and
grants; as well as develop and
implement plans for using
technology and information
systems to enhance school

I also attended a budget training

that helped me to understand the
different components of the

The principal knows how to apply principles of leadership and

management to the campus physical plant and support systems
to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.
Competency Addressed
I help support the arrival and
dismissal procedures on the
campus. I also ensue that the
students make it to and from
classes safely and orderly.
When I see people on campus
that do not have a badge or
visitors pass on I approach
them and escort them to the
front office.
I assist with crisis planning
such as fire drills

Learned about Competency

I learned the importance of
implementing strategies that
enable the school to operate
safely, efficiently, and
effectively. I also learned the
importance of applying
strategies for ensuring the
safety of students and
personnel and for addressing
emergencies and security

Goal Statement
My goal is to gain more
experience developing
procedures for crisis planning. I
also need support with
applying local, state, and
federal laws and policies to
support sound decision making
related to school programs and