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Diverse Leadership Begins

Where Successful
Tyler Walker


[Edition 1, Volume 1]

Looking Deeper
Everyone holds a
set of values,
assumptions, beliefs
and expectations
about the way the
world actually is or
about the way it
should be. Values
and Beliefs are
often acquired
starting at a young
age and mold the
person into who
they are. As a
leader it is easy to
manage at Level
One but is best to

Issues of diversity are often

discussed in respect to age,
race, ethnicity, gender,

Assumptions, Beliefs, and


physical ability, and sexual

orientation. It can even

manage using VABEs which

include differences in

is Level Three management.

religions, education,

These VABEs refer to the

experience, family status,

deep seated beliefs in a

national cultures, and more.


In todays day and age

managing diversity is key to

Employees receiving delegated tasks

strengthen their skills, obtain diverse
but also in globalization. experience and demonstrate their capabilities
Managers today hold the key to their supervisors, allowing them to feel
to growth for organizations. empowered and engaged at work. - Swift
not only a healthy workforce

Diversity is much more than

demographics, numbers or

Our Level Three

VABEs are, by nature,
highly cultural and
family specific. Clawson

donating to a couple nonprofits. You must be

authentic in the way the
organization manages
diversity. It is important to

Story Subtitle or

take into consideration how

diverse the workforce is
today and embrace it.

and Empowerment

As a manager it is your

delegation. Feedback to the

responsibility to create a

employee can either be

workplace that stresses the

positive or constructive. It is

importance of delegation in

important to provide your

order to help everyone

employees with trust when

succeed. When employees are

delegating and making it clear

assigned projects and receive

that you care about the results

feedback on their work they

of assigned projects by being

are more likely to be

there for help and support. To

productive and feel

empower your employees, it is

empowered. When dealing

do three things:

with delegation it is vital to

understand and identify
workers strengths and
weaknesses, but also their
values, beliefs, assumptions
and expectations. This allows
the manager the opportunity
to assign employees with
projects that match their
strengths thus having
successful results. In order to
do this a work plan must first
be established and
expectations communicated to
all employees. Delegation and
empowerment does not end
when the project ends, for the
managers anyways, progress
must be overseen and results
rated. Monitoring the projects
assigned to employees is one
of the most important steps in

1. Give employees
2. Provide employees with
3. Hold employees

Conflict Resolution

Methods of resolving conflict

are endless. The nature of
each situation mangers are
faced with along with the
VABEs of those involved in
conflict will require a different
method or methods. Some
methods to be considered are
the following:

Listen, before speaking

Meet with all involved:
giving everyone a
chance to talk about the

issue can help with

Promote Teamwork

VABEs Newsletter
Tyler Walker



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Use Encouragement