Scrambled Tofu 1 lb. extra firm tofu 2 ½ tsp. Chicken Style Seasoning 1 ½ Tbsp. onion pwd. 3 Tbsp. nutritional yeast flakes ½ tsp. garlic pwd. 1/3 – ½ c. ripe olives, measured then sliced ½ tsp. salt Rinse and drain tofu, then place in skillet. Mash with potato masher or crumble with hands. Sprinkle remaining ingredients over tofu. Stir and heat thoroughly on medium heat. Variation: Saute onions and bell peppers to replace olives. May also add mushrooms and sliced or diced tomatoes. Note: Tofu may be frozen and then thawed before using for a meatier texture. Squeeze out water from tofu before crumbling. Add about 1 ½ c. water to the recipe and simmer (covered) until water is gone. Tofu should be very tender when finished—if not add more water and continue simmering until tender.

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