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Colette Monod

Professor Pesavento
October 13, 2015
Smart board Reflection
This was not my first time using SmartBoard technology to teach a lesson, as you
know. My first time using this technology was mind-boggling. I had seen smart boards in
classrooms throughout the time when I was in middle and high school, but the teachers
really only used them for basic purposes. It seemed as though the SmartBoard was just
another form of a white board. I never really knew how interactive and beneficial a smart
board could be in a classroom.
The website smartexchange is a brilliant way to incorporate SmartBoard
technology with in a lesson. While using the technology I was intrigued, it was not as
complicated as I thought once I got working with the software. I know that children
would love to be taught a lesson using the smart board technology because it allows the
students to interact within the lesson. It takes the attention away from the teacher as the
sage on the stage and focuses on the children’s learning through inquiry. A lot of the
activities that are incorporated with the SmartBoard ask the students to come up and
write, click, drag, or say. It makes learning more exciting and allows the students to
interact with one another.
I have been able to use some of this technology in the field and teach my
cooperating teachers some of the information I have learned. It is amazing to see what I
am learning in the classroom presented within my field experience. I also find it
rewarding to be able to share my experience and knowledge with other professionals out

in the field. Over this lesson was very beneficial, and showed me another advantageous
way to incorporate technology into the classroom.