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Colette Monod

Professor Pesavento
October 13, 2015

How a trip to a museum would be beneficial to elementary students?
It is extremely important to have an effective learning environment in which the
teacher provides effective instruction that leads to student learning. Who said that
teaching environments must be restricted to four walls and some educational posters? A
good teaching environment goes beyond the classroom. It presents students with
countless opportunities to enhance their knowledge on various subject matters. What
better way to connect to your community that a local field trip to the museum?
The opportunity to learn refers to quality of the instruction and curricular program
provided for students. It is extremely important to incorporate supplementary experiences
with the standard curriculum. An excellent way to enhance learning is with a field trip.
Field trips provide students a wider range of experiences. Since we are all well
aware that all students learn differently, teachers must also adjust their teaching methods
accordingly. Field trips provide students with different method such as, inquiry learning
Classroom learning empties into a connected community. This means that
students are not constricted to their classroom their whole life. They go home at night, go
elsewhere on the weekends, even with other people besides than their parents, likewise
their knowledge must also adapt. As a teacher we must help students realize that learning
can occur wherever, and whenever. We must help students understand that the learning
that takes place in the classroom must also be applied in the real world. Going to a

museum is a perfect example as to how students can use their knowledge from the
classroom in the outside world or in their community. Museums nowadays function to
develop public understanding of scientific and technological concepts and provide an
interface between these concepts and related societal issues.
Taking a trip to a museum would be beneficial to elementary students because it
allows them to explore information using the inquiry-based learning. Students are making
sense of the world around them by investigating and researching in their local