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Paul Cozens

Dr. Buchanan
Olde Farm Portfolio Entry
What is their organizational mission statement (p. 298)?
Provide an environment of rest and relaxation which revitalizes and empowers our
members and guests to go back out and change the world.
What is The Olde Farm and what services / experiences do they offer (pp. 298300)? Identify and discuss the core product as well as the product
The Olde Farm is one of the most highly acclaimed private golf clubs in the country,
providing members not only worldclass golf, but also a preeminent food and wine
Core product- Golf: One the top 3 best courses in Virginia
Product extensions-Culinary experiences; homegrown garden, greenhouse,
honey, wine cellar
What is the projection of the market climate in terms of internal and external
factors (p. 301)? Include a SWOT analysis as part of this projection.
Strength- Facilities at the location
Weakness-money in rural areas
Opportunity- Being able to connect with people in a more professional manner,
PGA like experience, culinary experiences
Threats- losing members because of income, people leaving the area, and natural
In what ways does The Olde Farm create a distinctive image which differentiates
their product / service / experience from competitors (pp. 301-303)? Identify and
discuss 1) the types of individuals who are members, 2) the design of the
product / service / experience, as well as its benefits, 3) the price of the product /
service / experience, and 4) the place where the product / service / experience
occurs. Also include branding as part of the discussion.
Participants / Consumers:
What is market segmentation and how can this process be used to identify
target consumers (p. 304)?
The process of identifying smaller and viable clusters of sport consumers who may
exhibit similar wants, needs, and interests regarding sport.
This is similar to Positioning (#4) but requires you to compile or bundle the
salient attributes of the product / service / experience so that you can present it
in the best possible manner to encourage selected targeted individuals to
purchase (p. 305). Packaging the core product of the sport experience involves

communicating the expectations of the product, and providing such information

before the point of purchase (POP) (p. 305).

The most salient attributes The Olde Farm has to offer is the PGA-like atmosphere and
greens you can play on. The rustic elegance of the course and buildings like; The Clubhouse
which offers state of the art facilities along with a southern hospitality and charm that keeps
members coming back. The Party Barn which provides a rustic, yet refined, atmosphere that is
the epitome of a formal event. This is one of a few barns around the grounds, the other
refurbished barns The Long Barn provides a convenient stop for weather delays or hungry
golfers during their play on one of the most pristine greens in the nation.
The Pavilion is the staple-point for a covered outdoor event. With the horseshoe shaped bar,
spacious dance floor, and 175 person dining area, what else would you need?
Should you need a place to stay after a long day on the property, the three 12-bedroom 12-bath
cottages provide the perfect place to unwind with social or business guests. Adjacent to the First
tee there is no better option than waking up to a fresh green.
One of the most historic buildings on the property is the quaint Caddy Shack. Its location
adjacent to the parking lots allows the Caddy master and his corps to greet all guests upon arrival.
The logs for this building was taken from the Stout home-place which is the oldest building in
Washington County, VA.
The exclusivity of this course and property allow guests to fully relax without having to worry
about any issues occurring during their stay. The flawless service provided is supplementary to
the exquisite club itself.
What is the value of the product? How much does it cost? Identify and discuss 1)
consumer, 2) competitor, 3) company, and 4) climate as outlined on p. 308 of the
$100,000 for national members, and $50,000 for local members along with yearly dues
are required after the upfront investments

What is your analysis of the 4 elements of Grunig and Whites public relations
theory in relation to The Olde Farm (p. 309)? The four elements include
1) Open and honest communication with the public,
2) Images and messages that is socially responsible,
3) Cooperation with the public and response to their interests, and
4) Good faith relationships with the public.
What types of promotional activities currently 1) communicate the desire image of
the product / service / experience to the target audience, 2) educate and inform the
target audiences about the product / service / experience and its benefits, and 3)
persuade the target audiences to buy the product / service experience (p. 309)?
Discuss and include specifics relating to the promotional mix such as
advertising, publicity, etc. (p. 309).
The Olde Farm workers keep an open mind and heart toward customers. They will tell
only facts to members and will go out of their way to provide the best visit for their
visitors. They are on a first name basis with everyone.
How does the physical location provide a favorable or unfavorable effect on The
Olde Farms marketing plan (p. 312)?

The physical location of The Olde Farm is favorable for the marketing plan. The
rugged landscape and natural scenery provide an experience that is unique in the world
of golf. When the course was founded in 1999, the developers wanted to keep course
similar to the farm that it used to be. With a large working garden on the grounds that is
used for a large amount of the dining experience, the course is given a vintage feel of
authenticity that is unmatched by other competing courses.

To what extent has The Olde Farms marketing plan process met its promise to
help achieve the organizations mission (p. 312)?
The Olde Farms ultimate goal is to give its members the opportunity to grow as a
person. The facilities there are top notch and can help individuals in a business aspect to
communicate any ideas they have. It is the Olde Farms mission Provide an
environment of rest and relaxation which revitalizes and empowers our members and
guests to go back out and change the world. Anything they do it is to help the members
to go out and change the world for the better. If they do something great it makes the
Olde Farm look good and can attract potential members to want to have the same
opportunity as that individual.
Jim and Tony Mcglothin started coal company in 1970
Sold the coal division in 2008 for 900 million dollars
Jim is on the PGA board of development
Olde Farm was a working farm for 100 years
Caddy shack built in 1789
Olde Farm opened March 30, 2000 Golf Digest Best Private Golf Course

Core Values
Exclusive & Unique
Positive & Inspiring Atmosphere
Others Focused
Efficient Resource Managers
Innovation & Creativity
Personal Growth & Development, Equipping
Preservation & Sustainability

Potential Members
invitation only
recommended by current members
all potential golf members must play with Jim
all potential social members must have lunch and tour property
Golf course 19 holes
the orchard 9 holes

o Modeled after Castle hill a historic home built in Charlottesville,

Party Barn
o Perfect location to host indoor parties and events. With a max capacity of
150, it is the ideal place to entertain a large number of guest. offers a
dance floor, outdoor patio, and an upstairs private dining area in the
o An open air building that can hold up to 175 people comfortably, and then
while expanding into the patio it can house over 300. built with a dance
floor and a horse shoe shaped bar
o 3 cottages fully furnished, located across from the first tee. Each has a
huge living room with 4 bedrooms, each with two double beds and two

Virginia nearly 200 years ago.

private baths. Two bedrooms are upstairs, each with two kingsize
beds and two private baths. In total there are 12 beds and 12
Long Barn
o Refurbished barn, onced used as a tobacco barn. it is now used as
a convenience stop and refreshment service facility for golfers.
o log cabin on the property that is rich in historical significance. Logs
from the oldest building in Washington County, Virginia, the Stout
The Olde Farm Members
Member Privacy
The Olde Farm goes along way to provide privacy for their members.
They have a special link on their website that says members only.
This provides a great feature for high profile members
Such as Peyton Manning and his family, Frank Beamer, Bruce pearl and
many more
George W.Bush has attended the Olde Farm
The privacy factor helps because these high profile clients do not want
everyone knowing how much they pay for their memberships

They also send out email or if you prefer a letter through the mail to every
client to provide information on upcoming events
Members can rent out the club for various events such as family reunions
or even private golf tournaments between friends
They have more members from far away than local members
Local members are considered local by living within 100 mile radius
Also some members are only dinning members not golf
Every member has to be interviewed and hand picked by the owner
The Olde Farm offers a culinary experience unmatched in the reason. When the
course was founded in 1999, the designers wanted to keep the feel of an actual
farm as much as possible. Led by executive chef Abigail Hutchison, The Olde
Farm brings the Farm-to-table style to the dining experience. The course has a
fully functioning garden that provides most of the food for the dining services.
The menu changes seasonally depending on what is freshest. The course also
features a greenhouse in which horticulturist work to procure rare and exquisite
vegetables. The team has created 18 different heirloom vegetables. Honey is
also produced on site. The beehives on the property are home to over 200,000
honeybees, and the honey is used in the dining experience. It is most popularly
found drizzled over the famous crispy-fried chicken. The course added an
extensive wine cellar in 2014. The cellar has the capacity to hold over 3,000
bottles of wine. However, the focus is on quality not quantity. The course has
invested in world class wines not only for now but for the future. There are
knowledgable staff at hand to assist with with finding the perfect wine to suit the
customers palette. The course has also secured an off-premise liquor license,
allowing customers to buy wine and bring it home.