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111 Elgin St W, Oshawa, ON L1G1S5

Email: | Cell phone: 905-441-2036
Looking for a Challenging position and high growth in engineering field to prove my competence in
discharges of duties assigned and commitment in completion of assignment to the best of my working
Electronics Engineering, Durham College, Oshawa, ON

Sep 2014 Apr 2016

Designed and Fabricated Digital power supply and built it's schematic in Eagle software
Assembled, Troubleshoot and Tested various Electronics Assemblies

Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics & Communication, LDRP-ITR, Gandhinagar, India

Aug 2009 Jun 2013
Worked on various Electronics Projects such as Solar Tracking system as well Automatic Room light
Developed skills to work with logic controllers such as Push-Buttons, Circuit Breakers, light sensors
and pressure switches

Able to troubleshoot and repair electronic/electrical instruments for circuit continuity and operational
reliability using test instruments such as multimeter, oscillator , electronic voltmeter
Practical experience with installing, assembling and soldering components on printed circuit boards
(PCB) and Surface mount technology (SMT)
Proficient knowledge of electronics, mechanics and instrumentation Experience reading
electrical/mechanical drawings
Basic Knowledge of Allen Bradley RS Logix 500 PLC programming, AutoCAD 2014 2D
Ability to troubleshoot and provide an analytical approach to problem solving
Proficient with ISO standard and IEEE symbols for electrical schematics
Organize and document information using appropriate technology as well as information system
Through knowledge of all Microsoft office applications and other applications
Equally comfortable in a team environment or working alone


Industrial Automation Engineer by Sofcon India Pvt ltd.


111 Elgin St W, Oshawa, ON L1G1S5
Email: | Cell phone: 9054412036
Electronics Technologist, Sofcon India PVT LTD (Ahmedabad, India)

July 2013 - Sept 2014

Gained good knowledge of designing and printing circuit board, soldering and designing a circuit
using logical gates ICs, timer ICs and other devices
Assembled and tested AC/DC circuits
Calibrated electronic equipments and instruments according to technical manuals and written
Electrical Safety
PLC (Programmable Logic controller)
SCADA (Supervision |Control & Data Acquisition)
Worked as per the guidelines and instructions of my Trainer and deliver to the best of my abilities

References available upon request