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Name of Laboratory : Chitungwiza Central Hospital

Department : Quality
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Title : Care and Maintenance of Autoclave


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Effective Date : 26/09/2012
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An autoclave is a specialized piece of equipment designed to deliver heat under pressure
to a chamber with the goal of decontaminating or sterilizing the contents as the chamber.

Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Laboratory Technician.

Read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions.
Clean the inside of the autoclave after use. Do not use a corrosive cleaning chemical.
Use autoclave tape to check the performance of the autoclave.
Do not use an autoclave that is defective. Obtain the help of a qualified engineer to
repair a defective autoclave and test it before rinse.
(e) Check regularly for signs of wear and tear. Examine particularly whether :(i)
The pressure gauge is in working order and reading zero at atmospheric
The safety valve is free moving and in good working order.
The air cock and draw off cock are undamaged and working correctly.
The lid seal gasket is not allowing steam to escape from the lid.
District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries, Monica Cheesbrough volume 1 page