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Amber E.

Culture Audit
EDSP 5311: Diagnostic and Prescriptive Teaching for Exceptional Children
Dr. Diane Reed
Fall 2015

Culture Audit
Cultural proficiency can be defined as the ability of educators to successfully serve children and
youth of all cultural backgrounds represented within school populations, particularly those from
racially/ethnically, linguistically, or economically marginalized groups. Educators should be able to
recognize cultural differences, understand how they play out in the educational process, and adapt school
policies and practices so that they are meaningful and productive educationally for children of all cultural
groups within the school. I have been a third grade teacher at Meadows Elementary for 3 years.
Meadows Elementary School. Meadows Elementary School is located in Meadows Place, Texas in the
Fort bend Independent School District. The elementary school employs 33 teachers, of who have been
with the school an average of 12 years. The teachers average 15 years of experience in teaching. The
school currently has 432 students. Meadows Elementary has the smallest elementary school student body
size in the Fort Bend Independent School District. Student population at Meadows Elementary is diverse.
Racial makeup is: Hispanic (30.9%), White (26.1%), Asian (24%), and Black (13.8%). The student to
teacher ratio is 13.08 S/T. The special education division has 5 teachers assisting it. Meadows Elementary
School also employs 4 education aids.
On October 30, 2015 I conducted a school-wide cultural competence observation. The
observation consisted of 8 focus areas. The areas observed were District Vision/Mission, 3 Curriculum,
Student Interaction and Leadership, Teachers, Teaching and Learning, Parents and Community, Conflict
Management, and Assessments. The rating scale measured from 1-5, and NO (not observed). The score of
1=never, and the score of 5=always. The essential need are in a few areas observed. In the area of Student
interaction and Leadership, Meadows need to implement a program that facilitates the adoption of new
students. It is also weak in the area of Teachers in which more teachers who represent diverse groups. I
am one out of two African American teachers in the entire school. There is one African American aide. In
addition to that, in the domain of more efforts to be made to integrate diverse teams is weak because the
teachers are not diverse. The last observation area that is an essential need is the area of professional

development. Meadows Elementary falls weak in the domains of providing professional development
that addresses the areas of race, ethnicity and nationality, as well as the area of special needs. The last
area of essential needs is the area of parents and community, where more attention of national and global
ties with similar organizations are made. These areas where these needs are addressed can be addressed
through the district.
There are factors that can prevent Meadows Elementary from becoming a culturally proficient
campus. The largest factor is the diversity amongst the teachers. The culture of the teachers are not
aligned with the diversity of the students. Out of 33 teachers, 2 are African American, and 2 are Hispanic,
1 is Asian. The rest are White. In the student body, the majority of students are Hispanic, followed by
White, then Asian and African American last. There should be more diversity amongst the staff. The
barrier with the diversity is most teachers have been teaching on that campus for at least 15 years. The
turnover is very low, so it is hard to replace or add new teachers if the population at Meadows remains the
same. Another barrier is the administration. If the administration doesn’t change its policies, and
trainings to address the diverse needs of the students, teachers will not be trained and implement it into
the classroom.
Action Plan
Goal 1
Goal 2

FBISD will provide an educational system
that will enable all students to reach their
full potential.
FBISD will recruit, develop and retain
efective teachers and staf.

Goal 3
Goal 4

FBISD will provide a supportive climate and
a safe learning /working environment.
FBISD will provide and promote leadership
development at all levels.

Principal, staf
Principal, team
Reading and
Math specialists

October 2015June 2016
October 2015June 2016

October 2015June 2016
October 2015June 2016

Goal 5

FBISD will be a collaborative, efficient, and
efective learning community


October 2015June 2016

The staff will be divided into five teams and meet four times a year to review the progress of
these goals: October, January, March and June. Staff Responsible: (District Plan and All Campus Plans)
It is best practice to assign one or two people as staff responsible to ensure that the strategy is
appropriately implemented and completed. Staff responsible was not designed to include the entire list of
personnel involved. Staff responsible is the person or people (listed by job title) you would go to for
information about the progress and implementation of the strategy. However, to ensure everyone knows
their responsibility for the strategy, some plans also include a statement that says, "Others included are..."
after the staff responsible for monitoring.
Timelines: (District Plan and All Campus Plans) the improvement plan shall include timelines
for reaching the goals and objectives and provisions for timelines for ongoing monitoring of the
implementation of each improvement strategy. A benefit of using SMART performance objectives is that
they are time-bound. In Plan4Learning, the Evidence that Demonstrates Success for strategies can also
include timelines. It is important to be specific and not use terms such as ongoing. Because the three or
four formative reviews of the strategies that are built into the improvement plan are scheduled and
predictable monitoring, they meet the "ongoing monitoring of implementation" requirement.
Formative Evaluation: Formative evaluations apply to the strategies and include regular
monitoring to determine whether they are resulting in intended improvement of student performance. If
the strategies are effective, the performance objectives should be met by or close to the expressed time