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Knowledge, a Way Forward

2-day In-person Seminar:

Mastering the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notication Rules:

Coping with Rule Changes, Managing Incidents, Preparing for Audits,
and Avoiding Penalties
Baltimore, MD
(Without Stay) Price:

February 4th & 5th, 2016

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


(Seminar for One Delegate)

(With Stay) Price:


(Seminar for One Delegate)

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Jim Sheldon Dean

Director of Compliance Services,
Lewis Creek Systems, LLC

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(48 Hours) prior to the date of the seminar.

Jim Sheldon-Dean is the founder and director of

compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based
consulting rm founded in 1982, providing information privacy and
security regulatory compliance services to a wide variety of health care

Seminar Pricing Includes (With Stay)

Sheldon-Dean serves on the HIMSS Information Systems Security

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Workgroup, has co-chaired the Workgroup for Electronic Data

Interchange Privacy and Security Workgroup, and is a recipient of the
WEDI 2011 Award of Merit. He is a frequent speaker regarding HIPAA and
information privacy and security compliance issues at seminars and
conferences, including speaking engagements at numerous regional and
national healthcare association conferences and conventions and the

2 Days Stay
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annual NIST/OCR HIPAA Security Conference in Washington, D.C.

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Pack of 3 Webinars will be

provided which has been done in
the past on similar subject

This session is designed to provide intensive, two-day training in HIPAA

compliance, including what's new in the regulations, what's changed
recently, and what needs to be addressed for compliance by covered
entities and business associates.
The session provides the background and details for any manager of
healthcare information privacy and security to know what are the most
important privacy and security issues, what needs to be done for HIPAA
compliance, and what can happen when compliance is not adequate.
Audits and enforcement will be explained, as well as privacy and
security breaches and how to prevent them. Numerous references and
sample documents will be provided.

2-day In-person Seminar:



Mastering the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notication Rules:

Coping with Rule Changes, Managing Incidents, Preparing for Audits, and Avoiding Penalties

Day One

Day Two

Day one sets the stage with an overview of the HIPAA

Day two begins with a detailed examination of HIPAA

Security Rule requirements and what must be done to

regulations and then continues with presentation of the

survive audits by the US Department of Health and Human

Services, including an examination of how risk analysis can

specics of the Privacy Rule, recent changes to the rules,

be used to drive compliance by the systematic examination

of information ows and mitigation of risks discovered, and

and the basics of the Security Rule

Lecture 1: Overview of HIPAA Regulations
The Origins and Purposes of HIPAA
Privacy Rule History and Objectives
Security Rule History and Objectives
Breach Notication Requirements, Benets,

an exploration of the ofcial HHS HIPAA Audit Protocol,

including how to use the protocol to help manage your
compliance work and its documentation. Finally, the day
concludes with a session on the essential activities of
documenting policies, procedures, and activities, training
staff and managers in the issues and policies they need to
know about, and examining compliance readiness through
drills and self-audits.
Lecture 1: HIPAA Security Policies and Procedures and

and Results

HIPAA Security Policy Framework

Lecture 2: HIPAA Privacy Rule Principles, Policies and

Patient Rights under HIPAA
Limitations on Uses and Disclosures
Required Policies and Procedures

Sample Security Policy Content

Recommended Level of Detail for Policies and

Procedures and Results

The New HIPAA Compliance Audit Protocol

Lecture 2: Risk Analysis for Security and Meaningful Use

Principles of Risk Analysis for Information

Training and Documentation Requirements

Lecture 3: Recent and Proposed Changes to the HIPAA

New Penalty Structure
New HIPAA Audit Program

Information Security Management Process

Risk Analysis Methods
Risk Analysis Example

Lecture 3: Risk Mitigation and Compliance Remediation

Typical Security Risks
Social Media, Texting, e-mail, and Privacy
Dealing with Portable Devices and Remote

New Patient Rights

New Obligations for Business Associates

Lecture 4: HIPAA Security Rule Principles

General Rules and Flexibility Provisions
The Role of Risk Analysis

Compliance Planning

Lecture 4: Documentation, Training, Drills and Self-Audits

How to Organize and Use Documentation to

Your Advantage
Training Methods and Compliance

Security Safeguards

Conducting Drills in Incident Response

Training and Documentation

Using the HIPAA Audit Protocol for

Documentation and Self-Auditing

2-day In-person Seminar:



Mastering the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notication Rules:

Coping with Rule Changes, Managing Incidents, Preparing for Audits, and Avoiding Penalties

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