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Minimum Wage Warriors

Madison Gilbert, Susie Lattin. Zack Gill, Keylee Bryant
Professor Killingsworth
Annotated Bibliography
Card, D., & Krueger, A. (1995). Myth and Measurement: The new economics of the
minimum wage (Vol 1st). Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.
Within this book both authors take a realistic and every day view of what is
happening in America with regards to the minimum wage. They made a major
point of this book to discredit the belief that higher wages led to loss of jobs,
through research and dedication this was discredited. This book can be used as a
source to discredit opposition of the bill in the form of small business saying it
will put them out.

Clark, S. (2011, March 28). Texas leads nation in minimum wage workers. Retrieved
November 7, 2015.
This particular document shows recent statistics explaining Texas’s position with
the rest of the nation regarding ranking of minimum wage. Seeing hard evidence
of Texas’s low position, being one of the worsts states for pay rate while at the
same time having some of the highest numbers of minimum wage works.
Explaining with a statistic as well that there is a gap in minimum wage with the
women workers, being more likely to earn at or less than men typically do. This
can be used in the project to examine exactly why Texas is so far behind other
states in the US in regards to minimum wage.

Minimum Wage Warriors

Gray, E. (2014, February 27). The Wage Warrior. TIME, 37-38.
This article discusses how president Obama is pro minimum wage and is working
on finding a way to increase it nationally. It also discusses those who are against
the minimum wage increase and their concerns. This article will be useful for our
project because it gives us insight on both sides of minimum wage, the pros and

McClendon, R. (2015, October 17). “Minimum Wage: Bill HB396”. Personal Interview.
Sharing her viewpoint of inspiration and rationality of the raise of minimum wage
Ruth McClendon sets the tone for the future of our culture and growth as the state
of Texas. Being a state legislator it is her duty to inform citizens of Texas of the
minimum wage effects and compromises. Thoroughly explaining her thought
process and the facts that are inlaid within the bills context that she took into
consideration are laid out within her responses. McClendon’s interview will be
used as some of the main information regarding the bill due to her being the
author and having so much knowledge on the subject.

Miah, M. (2014, May 1). The Minimum Wage Debate. Retrieved November 6, 2015.
This article gives the input of not only the minimum wage worker but also the
opinion of big business’ in America. The article also goes into detail on the
background of minimum wage and the laws regarding it as well as the struggle

Minimum Wage Warriors

that is now happening. The article gives valid factual information that can be used
as a good source for our paper.

Neumark, D. & Wascher, W. (2008). The Political Economy of Minimum Wages. In
Minimum Wages (1st ed., Vol. 1, pp.249-278). Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.
The authors of “Minimum Wages”, are two researchers who have been
cumulating their findings on minimum wage for the last two decades. Within their
book they discuss the laws and history of minimum wage, public opinion,
political opinion, and the costs and benefits of a higher minimum wage. In the
opinion of the group this could be a great resource due to all the information it
offers on the topic.

Stewart, M. (2004, March 4). The employment effects of the national minimum wage.
The Economic Journal, 114(494), C110-C116. Retrieved November 3, 2015
Mark Stewart is a professor at the University of Warwick. In this portion of his
journal he discusses the effects minimum wage and employment have on each
other. He discusses in depth the inter- relationships between the two and what
exactly it means for society as a whole.
Waltman, J. (2000). The politics of the minimum wage. Urbana: University of Illinois
This book talks about the politics view point of Minimum wage in the US. The
Author dose this by talking about the history, public thoughts on the minimum

Minimum Wage Warriors

wages, the behavior of the minimum wage, the rising of minimum wage in the
1996, and the impact it had on the people.