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Cardiovascular Health

 Chapter 12 Section 4
Cardiovascular Disease
• Atherosclerosis- condition in
which an artery wall
thickens as a result of the
buildup of fatty materials
• One of the fatty materials is
• Atherosclerosis restricts the
flow of blood in the arteries
• Heart attack- occurs when
blood flow to part of the
heart muscle is blocked

• Hypertension- high blood
pressure, disorder in which a
person’s blood pressure is
consistently higher than
normal- greater than 140/90
• Hypertension makes the heart
work harder and may damage
the walls of blood vessels
• Hypertension and
atherosclerosis are related as
arteries narrow, blood
pressure increases
Keeping Your
Cardiovascular System Healthy
• To maintain • Exercise strengthens your
cardiovascular heart muscle and helps
prevent atherosclerosis
health, people
should exercise • Red meats, eggs, and
cheese are high in
regularly; eat a cholesterol
balanced diet that is • Food high in cholesterol
low in fat, and fats can cause
cholesterol, and blockages in the arteries
sodium; and avoid • Smokers are at increased
smoking risk for heart attack
• List 3 things you can do to help your
cardiovascular system stay healthy.

• How does hypertension affect blood vessels?

• How does hypertension affect blood vessels?

• Coronary heart disease is much less common in
some countries than it is in the US. What
factors might account for this difference?