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Colette Monod

Amanda Sweeny
Professor Pesavento
October 13, 2015
Science Fusion Lesson
Grade Four
What Are The Planets in Our Solar System?
Subject Area: Science
Essential Questions:
Tittle of the Unit Relations:
Title of the Lesson:
Grade Level: 4
Estimated Time: 45 mins
 What other objects are near Earth in this part of space?
Summary of the Lesson:
Materials Required:
Academic Standards:
 Identify the major components of the solar system
 Describe characteristics of planets in the solar system
 Compare and contrast the inner and outer planets.
 Solar System
 Planet
o Dwarf planets
o Asteroid
o Comet
o Inner planets
o Outer planets
Ask students what the solar system is. Is Earth part of the solar
system? How are Jupiter and Earth different. The students will take a
look at a picture of Earth from space to get comfortable with the idea
of the solar system and what planets. Encourage students to identify

the vocabulary and to write their own annotation to help further
As a class we will read the passage “ In Our Corner of Space”. The
teacher will first point out the vocabulary words that are important to
highlight for the students. While reading the teacher will ask several of
the students to come up to the board and identify the vocabulary
words. This will engage the students even further.
After reading the passage on pages 328-329. The teacher will ask the
students to summarize a sentence or two of what they have learned.
Then they will be asked to pair share their findings. After this we will
come back together as a class and discuss our findings.
Go over what inner and outer planets are, what are their names, what
do they look like, etc. Compare the different attributes of an inner
planet and outer planets.
See teachers manual
Adaptations or Accomidations: