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Angel Bird

Character Profiles

Alexa Stewart
We decided to name our main protagonist Alexa as it was short and
memorable, yet had a modern feel to it. We tried to choose a name that
sounded quite modern so we could then contrast it with the name we decided
to choose for our other main character who Alexa meets when she travels
back in time. When we came up with the name as a group, we looked into the
history of the name and found it was in the top 50 popular girls’ names of


When deciding on the age we wanted our main character to be, we looked to
our target audience. The main priority was that we wanted her to be a
character that our target audience could empathise with as she is the main
character involved in the bullying plot. This helped us narrow down the age to
that of a student. Since our target audience are aged between 10 and 30
years old, we decided Alexa should be 17. This is because she is someone
younger members of our target audience can look up to and older members of
our audience can relate to as they could have been in her position a few years

Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:


When finding an actress to play this part, we didn’t have any preference as to
her hair and eye colour at first. However, when we were deciding between
potential actresses, Amy stood out because of her innocent and young look.
This would help audiences sympathise with her and invest in the development
of her character throughout our short film.

This is what we envisioned when creating the
character of Alexa.