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Philosophy Behind Our Motives to Build a More Fortunate
Public Health has become an overlooked and under represented profession over the years.
Recently, I developed a passion to become a problem solver and not a contribution to the current
societal dysfunction. This further initiated the need to be part of a significant population group that
would further aide in maintaining stability within all aspects of society, especially our current health
issues we are tackling today. I found it necessary to target the future adults, which we now consider
to be our children and adolescence, to be able to recognize, acknowledge, and tackle some of the
issues that we are facing with a more constructed approach. During my research I discovered some of
the future academic goals that were being implanted in various parts of the nation, and I was
compelled to participate in the movement. I am a product of this particular education dynamic, and
wanted to be part of the millennial efforts of increasing human intelligence and mobility. I found it
interesting that there are children who were being educated differently with the increase use of
technology, and a set of these children were being trained to be able to be part of those technological
advancements. Therefore, I thought it was crucial to function as the medium towards expanding such
educational dynamics. I believe the appropriated platform for Public Health is to be innovative,
because it is these innovations that are making many things possible, along with the mending of any
possible disparities.
With that being said, any career within the children population is beneficial towards building
future innovated human beings. I believe that this is a necessity because of many of the current
developments that are changing how society functions. I think many of our children, and parents are
missing the cumulative goal, or the “big picture”, of our national, and global initiatives. For example,
many careers are highly marketed but few people actually have an understanding of what those
careers are constructed to do. So, I find that if we change our children's understanding we will
change tomorrow's adults. I find that we are all infatuated by some of our current modern technology
that we failed to notice how somethings are being reiterated and there are little change in some areas.
For example, there are some issues that are being resolved in way that the issues still remains a
problem, but the people who are dealing with such circumstances changes. The deficits resides when
our children grow up with negative perception of change, and sustainability. Schools, and teacher are
a strongly influential from an ecological perspective. They are the professionals that can be
considered to be biomarkers of both the intrapersonal and interpersonal aspect of our children.
Knowledge effects behavior, attitudes, beliefs, which further impacts social identity, role, and
interactions. Based on current public policy, there has been a reflection of the type of knowledge that
have been distributed within the nation’s communities and the knowledge that may have been
presented on an individual level. Our physical environment has also become a reflection of these
elements. For example, there are zones and issues brought by neglect due to lack of emphasis of
application. Some of our children are still being educated to simply follow instructions, rather than
taught to rationalize concepts and ideas. I want to program a society where people can configure
ideas, innovations, and projects through information provided.
The current demand of the public would be stability. Through every outcry of inequality, or
injustice, the real outburst is the need to sustain. I think this civil outburst is due to the
apprehensiveness of those who were misinformed, or ignorant of what certain initiatives are meant to
achieve. Many of are motives are driven by incitement. I also realized that many adult passions are
inspired and motivated by children. I think it would defuse some of our apprehensiveness if we allow
the need for children to be within a healthy environment to be the objectives behind improving our
environment. As a public health professional I would like to develop a program where children grow
into adults that understand that: “Our jobs are still to name and organize the things in the world,

however in this segmented point of time we are to clean-up, reconstruct, and implement things of the