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Ricky Davis

Professor Caruso
UWRT 1103
6 November 2015

Population and Population Control

World population is the number of people the currently inhabit the Earth and Earth’s
population recently we hit 7 billion people worldwide. While There are benefits to a large
population such as a greater domestic market, more available workers, and more young people to
energize the economy. Also there are other benefits such as greater economies and more people
to contribute ideas to their communities. However the consequences to having such a large
population outweigh these benefits. Consequences that are faced the world faces by having a
large population are competition of resources (with the main resources being food), air quality,
oil, and gas. Also there are social problems that go are issues which include overcrowding,
conflicts, war, and personal freedom.
Most people don’t see the current size or rate of growth of the population being a
problem because they don’t see any immediate effects. Currently the population is growing at an
exponential rate. The population will only to continue to grow faster and faster over time unless
something is done to change this rate. One issue with this growing trend is that one out of every
seven people, ends up going to sleep hungry each day. Also as many as 25,000 people die every

day due to malnutrition and hunger diseases. The only real way to fix this problem is to develop
population control methods that would set allow the population growth rate to reach the
replacement rate. Only once we were are at a sustainable population level would will it be
possible for food production to have a chance to catch up and be able to provide for everyone.
Oil and gas resources look to be reaching their limit for the amount available on Earth. The
largest cities in the world use the fuel to be able to have fast and relatively cheap transport of
other resources to continue to survive. With the realization that the fuel resource is starting to run
low on supplies we need to start to develop other methods of energy to use. Another thing which
would help the cause is the lowering of the population. The reason oil resources continue to be
used up at a fast rate and oil-spill disasters happen is that enough oil is trying to be extracted to
be able to support the population and humans ten to have inefficient energy consumption
Population control will be the method needed to help the population reach a sustainable
level. Population control method are usually controlled by the government within a country as
they set the rules and regulations for the population. The methods that the government uses for
population control tend to be spreading awareness and educating its people or to supply financial
benefits. People are thought that in order for the world to have a sustainable population we must
stay at the replacement fertility rate of 2.1 and discontinue our exponential rate of population
growth. An example of a financially influenced method is China’s One Child policy which was
introduced in 1978. This policy helped China to prevent 400 million births. With this policy the
government discouraged its people to have more than one child and if they did those additional
births were met with fines. y would give financial benefits such tuition payment for the single
child’s education. Also if a family was to have another child the parents were expected to pay all

expenses for the additional children. Presently This policy has been was lifted in November 2014
and families can have are allowed to have two children in China. There also has been
administrative methods to population control growth such as in India. only allowing its people
who want to work for the government to only have two children maximum. Those who wanted a
chance at be eligible for election for local government must have two children or less. Using
these methods allowed India to become the first country to use population control techniques
when they first starting using such methods in 1951.
The earth is faced with the challenge of providing for an exponential growing population
with declining resources. The methods that will succeed in limiting population growth and
allows the Earth to reach a sustainable amount of people is through the use of population control,
developing new conservation methods, and discovering new resources to place the ones that are
nonrenewable will be the goal in order to reach the replacement rate for population growth.

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