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Career Research Notes

Step 1: Take the Career Cluster Survey
Identify the Career Cluster(s) that best fits your personality, skills and interests by taking
the Career Cluster Survey. Download at
My Top Cluster:
Health Science

View the video about your top Career Cluster at
Video Name:
Video Link:
Citation Information:

Include information about the top Career Cluster that matches your
personality/skills/interests in your multi-media presentation.

Additional information I want to include:
Health science matches my personality, skills and interests because I would be able
to help with the medical researches

Step 2: Research your Career Cluster
Visit the CareerShip site at and search by Career
Cluster (using results from your survey above). Locate three possible careers within your cluster, including details
about career descriptions, tasks, interests, education, knowledge, skills, and etc. for use in your multi-media


Mental Health Counselor
Counsel with emphasis on
prevention. Work with
individuals and groups to
promote optimum mental
health. May help individuals
deal with addictions and
substance abuse; family,
parenting, and marital
problems; suicide; stress
management; problems with
self-esteem; and issues
associated with aging and
mental and emotional health.


Maintain confidentiality of
records relating to clients'
treatment. Encourage clients
to express their feelings and

Health Educator
Promote, maintain, and
improve individual and
community health by
assisting individuals and
communities to adopt healthy
behaviors. Collect and
analyze data to identify
community needs prior to
planning, implementing,
monitoring, and evaluating
programs designed to
encourage healthy lifestyles,
policies and environments.
May also serve as a resource
to assist individuals, other
professionals, or the
community, and may
administer fiscal resources for
health education programs.
Document activities,
recording information such as
the numbers of applications
completed, presentations

Home Health Aids
Provide routine, personal
healthcare, such as bathing,
dressing, or grooming, to elderly,
convalescent, or disabled
persons in the home of patients
or in a residential care facility.

Maintain records of patient care,
condition, progress, or problems
to report and discuss
observations with supervisor or

discuss what is happening in
their lives, and help them to
develop insight into
themselves and their
relationships. Guide clients in
the development of skills and
strategies for dealing with their
problems. Prepare and
maintain all required treatment
records and reports. Counsel
clients and patients,
individually and in group
sessions, to assist in
overcoming dependencies,
adjusting to life, and making
changes. Collect information
about clients through
interviews, observation, and
tests. Act as client advocates
to coordinate required services
or to resolve emergency
problems in crisis situations.
Develop and implement
treatment plans based on
clinical experience and
knowledge. Collaborate with
other staff members to
perform clinical assessments
and develop treatment plans.
Evaluate clients' physical or
mental condition based on
review of client information.

conducted, and persons
assisted. Develop and present
health education and
promotion programs such as
training workshops,
conferences, and school or
community presentations.
Develop and maintain
cooperative working
relationships with agencies
and organizations interested
in public health care. Prepare
and distribute health
education materials, including
reports, bulletins, and visual
aids such as films, videotapes,
photographs, and posters.
Develop operational plans and
policies necessary to achieve
health education objectives
and services. collaborate with
health specialists and civic
groups to determine
community health needs and
the availability of services,
and to develop goals for
meeting needs. Maintain
databases, mailing lists,
telephone networks, and
other information to facilitate
the functioning of health
education programs.

case manager. Provide patients
with help moving in and out of
beds, baths, wheelchairs or
automobiles, and with dressing
and grooming. Provide patients
and families with emotional
support and instruction in areas
such as caring for infants,
preparing healthy meals, living
independently, or adaptating to
disability or illness. Change bed
linens, wash and iron patients'
laundry, and clean patients'
quarters. Entertain, converse
with, or read aloud to patients to
keep them mentally healthy and
alert. Plan, purchase, prepare, or
serve meals to patients or other
family members, according to
prescribed diets. Direct patients
in simple prescribed exercises or
in the use of braces or artificial
limbs. Check patients' pulse,
temperature and respiration.
Change dressings. Perform a
variety of duties as requested by
client, such as obtaining
household supplies or running
errands. Accompany clients to
doctors' offices and on other trips
outside the home, providing
transportation, assistance and

Meet with families, probation
officers, police, and other
interested parties to exchange
necessary information during
the treatment process. Refer
patients, clients, or family
members to community
resources or to specialists as
necessary. Counsel family
members to assist them in
understanding, dealing with,
and supporting clients or
patients. Evaluate the
effectiveness of counseling
programs and clients' progress
in resolving identified problems
and moving towards defined
objectives. Plan, organize and
lead structured programs of
counseling, work, study,
recreation and social activities
for clients. Modify treatment
activities and approaches as
needed to comply with
changes in clients' status.
Learn about new developments
in their field by reading
professional literature,
attending courses and
seminars, and establishing and
maintaining contact with other
social service agencies.

Supervise professional and
technical staff in
implementing health
programs, objectives, and
goals. Design and conduct
evaluations and diagnostic
studies to assess the quality
and performance of health
education programs. Provide
program information to the
public by preparing and
presenting press releases,
conducting media campaigns,
and/or maintaining programrelated web sites. Develop,
prepare, and coordinate grant
applications and grant-related
activities to obtain funding for
health education programs
and related work. Provide
guidance to agencies and
organizations in the
assessment of health
education needs, and in the
development and delivery of
health education programs.
Develop and maintain health
education libraries to provide
resources for staff and
community agencies.
Develop, conduct, or
coordinate health needs

companionship. Administer
prescribed oral medications
under written direction of
physician or as directed by home
care nurse and aide. Care for
children who are disabled or who
have sick or disabled parents.
Massage patients and apply
preparations and treatments,
such as liniment, alcohol rubs,
and heat-lamp stimulation.

Discuss with individual patients
their plans for life after leaving
therapy. Gather information
about community mental
health needs and resources
that could be used in
conjunction with therapy.
Monitor clients' use of
medications. Supervise other
counselors, social service staff,
and assistants. Plan and
conduct programs to prevent
substance abuse or improve
community health and
counseling services. Run
workshops and courses about
mental health issues.
Investigative, Artistic, Social

assessments and other public
health surveys.

Social, Enterprising

Realistic, Social


Most of these occupations
require graduate school. For
example, they may require a
master's degree, and some
require a Ph.D., M.D., or J.D.
(law degree).

These occupations usually
require a high school diploma


Administration and
management, computers and
electronics, medicine and

Most of these occupations
require a four-year bachelor's
degree, but some do not.
Philosophy and Theology,
English language, sales and
marketing, computers and
electronics, psychology,
education and training,
customer and personal
Philosophy and Theology,
English language, sales and
marketing, computers and


Administration and management,
clerical, medicine and dentistry,
therapy and counseling, English


dentistry, public safety and
security, law and government,
communications and media,
sociology and anthropology,
education and training, English
language, clerical, customer
and personal service,
psychology, therapy and
Active listening, writing,
speaking, science critical
thinking, monitoring,
persuasion, judgment and
decision making, systems

electronics, psychology,
education and training,
customer and personal

language, public safety and
security, customer and personal
service, psychology




Step 3: Research Career Outlook
Locate the nature of work, working conditions, education, job outlook, and earnings for your top three careers using
the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook at and/or the O*NET
Database at
Nature of Work

Mental Health Counselor
Mental health counselors and
marriage and family therapists
work in a variety of settings,
such as private practice and
mental health centers. Most
work full time.

Health Educator
Health educators teach people
about behaviors that promote
wellness. They develop and
implement strategies to improve
the health of individuals and
communities. Community health
workers collect data and discuss
health concerns with members

Home Health Aids
Home health aides help
people who are disabled,
chronically ill, or cognitively
impaired. They often help
older adults who need
assistance. In some states,
home health aides may be
able to give a client

of specific populations or


Job Outlook


Mental health counselors are
employed in a variety of settings
including private practice,
hospitals, correctional
institutions, mental health
clinics, schools and universities,
drug and alcohol rehabilitation
centers, halfway houses, and
residential care facilities. They
may work long, irregular hours
including nights and weekends.
Employment of mental health
counselors and marriage and
family therapists is projected to
grow 29 percent from 2012 to
2022, much faster than the
average for all occupations.
Growth is expected in both
occupations as more people
have mental health counseling
services covered by their
insurance policies.
$41,500 per year
$19.95 per hour

Health educators and
community health workers work
in a variety of settings, including
hospitals, nonprofit
organizations, government,
doctors’ offices, private
businesses, and colleges. They
generally work full time.

Employment of health educators
and community health workers
is projected to grow 21 percent
from 2012 to 2022, faster than
the average for all occupations.
Growth will be driven by efforts
to improve health outcomes and
to reduce healthcare costs by
teaching people about healthy
habits and behaviors and
utilization of available health
care services.
$41,830 per year
$20.11 per hour

medication or check the
client’s vital signs under the
direction of a nurse or other
healthcare practitioner.
Home health aides held about
875,100 jobs in 2012. They
work in a variety of settings

Employment of home health
aides is projected to grow 48
percent from 2012 to 2022,
much faster than the average
for all occupations.

$20,820 per year
$10.01 per hour

Step 4: Compare Your Top Three
Use the Career One-Stop to compare your top
three careers. Key the career in the search
box, then click the link provided to get more
information and view a video. Create a
spreadsheet and graph that compares your top
three careers on salary. Include the
spreadsheet/graph in your multi-media
presentation. (Click here for a "Help"
document for this task").

Insert a screenshot of your spreadsheet/graph below:

Step 5: Create and Share your Multi-Media Presentation
Create a multi-media presentation that includes information from Steps 1-4.
Your presentation should include:
A. Research gathered from Steps 1-4, including Career Cluster, Top 3,
descriptions, skills, nature of work, work conditions, education/skills, job
outlook, salary/graph spreadsheet comparison, and etc.
B. Citations

C. Creative Commons
D. Copyright friendly images
E. Anything else you feel adds to the presentation's visual appeal
Post your presentation to your online presence. NOTE: This presentation may
be used in the "Video Creation" Thing.

Web address where I posted my presentation: