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Of#icially  known  as  the  People's  Republic  of  China  (PRC),  China,  is  a  sovereign  state  
located  in  East  Asia.  It  is  the  world's  most  populous  country,  with  a  population  of  
over  1.35  billion.  The  PRC  is  a  single-­‐party  state  governed  by  the  Communist  Party,  
with  its  seat  of  government  in  the  capital  city  of  Beijing.  It  exercises  jurisdiction  
over  22  provinces,  #ive  autonomous  regions,  four  direct-­‐controlled  municipalities  
(Beijing,  Tianjin,  Shanghai  &  Chongqing),  and  two  mostly  self-­‐governing  special  
administrative  regions  (Hong  Kong  &  Macau).  
Covering  approximately  9.6  million  square  kilometers,  China  is  the  world's  second-­‐
largest  country  by  land  area  &  the  third  or  fourth-­‐largest  by  total  area.  Since  
introduction  of  the  economic  reforms  in  1978,  China  has  become  the  world's  fastest-­‐
growing  major  economy.  As  of  2013,  it  is  the  world's  second-­‐largest  economy  by  
both  nominal  total  GDP  &  purchasing  power  parity  (PPP),  &  is  also  the  world's  
largest  exporter  and  importer  of  goods.  It  is  a  recognized  nuclear  weapons  state  &  
has  the  world's  largest  standing  army.

Tour  Highlights:
Cities  Visited:  Shanghai  -­‐  Beijing
Duration:  6  Nights  -­‐  7  Days
*  2  Industrial  Visits  *  Acrobatics  show  *  Jade  buddha  temple  *  People's  Square  
* Shanghai  Museum  *  Lujiazui  Financial  Zone  *  High  Speed  Train  Transfers  *  Visit  to  the  Great  Wall  *  Ti'an'anmen  Square  
*  The  Temple  of  Heaven  *  Shanghai  Maglev  Station  (experience  the  highest  train  in  the  world).

Tour  Cost:   INR.  89,999.00  per  Student/Person
Cost  Includes:
✤ International  Economy  Airfare  between  India  &  China
✤ Single  Entry  Tourist  Visa
✤ 2  half  day  Industrial  Visits  &  1/2  day  University  Visit
✤ Private  Guides  in  Shanghai  &  Beijing
✤ Private  53  seater  coaches  in  both  cities
✤ Second  class  High  Speed  G  Train  Round  trip
✤ Accommodation  in  3  star  hotels  including  breakfast
✤ Lunch  &  Dinner  on  all  days  (Continental/Chinese/Indian  as  per  availability)
✤ Sightseeing  Attraction  Entrance  fees  as  mentioned  in  the  itinerary
✤ Acrobatics  show
✤ Certi\ication  at  the  end  of  the  tour
*Cost  Excludes  personal  expenses  &  others  not  mentioned  in  the  itinerary  or  cost  incl.
*Offer  price  subject  to  change  depending  on  various  factors.

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