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Isaac Kerr

Need to Know Paper

For our group project we will need to include numerous amount of
research. There are 5 main Project Adjectives for our WWND-Project and will need
to closely examine every aspect so we don't make any mistakes or miss anything
that would make for a huge problem later in the project. The main question at
state is how we will get funds and support for a Indestructible Eggular-Ecosystem
structure that will be able to support at least 1000 people each, and having any
country/region that want to give aid and support for at least 3 Shelters each. We
will need to gather all the natural resources and animals needed that we will need
to produce food and health care for our survivalist. Team of specialists and
Military/NASA aid with the intelligence needed to complete these Super-Sized
indestructible Shelters. Assembling a center of communication within every single
structure, even sleeping shelters within each individual House structure that will
be in metal/glass-solar tree-like structures.
WWND- World Wide Natural/Nuclear Disasters. The 5 main Project Adjectives
would include: Architectural design and Engineering/Ecosystem experts,
Healthcare system with way to live efficiently, communication center for all
shelters, Farming and Agricultural saving resources, Transportation and Way of
Architectural design and engineering/Ecosystem experts is the main topic I
focused on. I will design and hopefully create a model of the whole Eggular-indo
structure from the outside to the inside using a CNC machine. I am currently in
baker college for CNC so I will get the training needed through my instructor to
produce a scale model of the structure. Which means being able to structurally see
every aspect of the structures. Designing it involves knowing all the square feet
and room everyone and everything will take up, I will need space for all of my
partners for their special part. How much living space does a person need? The
range of answers, reflecting perceived more than actual necessity, is remarkable.
Federal guidelines for fallout shelters specify a minimum of 10 sq. ft. (1 m 2) per
person. However, one designer of fallout shelters for the wealthy argues that
nothing less than 1400 sq. ft. (130 m2) should be considered to meet the needs of
one couple for a few weeks(Alysion Acres). concluding that i will need upwards of
1 million sq.ft. for the living spaces. The living shelters i will design are
individual/couple indestructible podular sleeping structures with many special
features that include: communication, food/water supply, medical alertness, back
supply of blankets and necessities that need renewal, and air filtration with help
of essential oils.
The structures main framing will be built with Bomb-Proof concrete.Thanks
to research from the University of Liverpool, UK, that's not an unlikely idea.
They've developed a new kind of bomb-proof concrete, which uses a higher
cement content and less water than usual, along with only the very finest silica
sand as its aggregate. But the real secret lies in the fact that a series of short,

narrow steel fibers reinforce the material, giving it a tensile strength 10 times
higher than that of normal steel-reinforced concrete(The Bomb-Proof Miracle
Materials). Than will be coated with a revolutionary plastic that i will need to do a
whole lot of digging to find the recipe for.In 1990, an amateur inventor called
Maurice Ward appeared on British TV demonstrating a supermaterial he'd invented
without any scientific training. Called Starlite, it could withstand temperatures of
1000 C, could easily be painted on to surfacesand could even withstand a
nuclear blast. In 2011, however, Ward sadly passed away, without ever having
explained to a single scientist how Starlite worked. But there may still be hope:
Ward mentioned in one interview shortly before his death that his family knew
about the Starlite recipe(The Bomb-Proof Miracle Materials). For our Glass Solar
panels i will be trying a few different ways including using Shatter-proof glass with
solar wiring instead of the long glass fibers. The Department of Homeland
Security's Science and Technology Directorate has created a new type of bombproof glass which sandwiches long glass fibersin the form of a woven cloth
soaked with liquid plastic and bonded with adhesive between two slim sheets of
glass. As strong as the thick stuff but much slimmer, it'll be easier to install in
normal buildings and cars(The Bomb-Proof Miracle Materials).
The natural terrain of the structures will be defined by those of the region it
will be built on, for instance if china wants to join in it would be completely
different than the US. The metasequoia, Chinese cypress, Cathay silver fir, China
fir, golden larch, Taiwan fir, Fujian cypress, dove-tree, eucommia and camplotheca
acuminata are found only in China. The metasequoia, a tall species of arbor, is
considered to be one of the oldest and rarest plants in the world. The golden
larch, one of only five species of rare garden trees in the world, grows in the
mountainous areas in the Yangtze River valley. Its coin-shaped leaves on short
branches are green in spring and summer, turning yellow in autumn. China is home
to more than 2,000 species of edible plants and over 3,000 species of medicinal
plants. Ginseng from the Changbai Mountains, safflowers from Tibet, Chinese
wolfberry from Ningxia and notoginseng from Yunnan and Guizhou are particularly
well-known Chinese herbal medicines. (Plants and Animals in China). All the
regions will help out in the long run like it is now with trading resources but in a
smaller more pronounced way, all shelters will have different grown resources
that will be traded and dispersed among the other shelter so all the shelter will
have the same resources in them. this way there is no structure better or worse to
live in.

Alysion Acres, A developing intentional community in SE Arizona
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