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December 2, 2015

To whom it may concern,

This letter serves as my recommendation as William Monseys mentor teacher during his Student
Teaching during the fall semester of 2015 at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School. It has been my
pleasure to observe Will and reflect on his experiences, challenges and successes this semester in the
classroom teaching Spanish I. This semester, I formally observed him on six separate occasions, and had
daily contact with him about his experiences in the classroom. I am confident in not only the abilities he
has demonstrated thus far, but also in his potential in his future teaching career. He possesses all of the
necessary qualities and attributes one looks for in a motivated, enthusiastic and thoughtful educator.
I have consistently noted Wills professional approach to his relationships with students, parents, and
colleagues in his role as teacher. In the classroom, he is positive with the students, has high yet
reasonable expectations, and maintains a healthy and professional rapport with all. As a colleague, he is
respectful, punctual, and willing to collaborate and open to constructive criticism. With parents and
guardians, he is available to them if they have questions or concerns. Will is available to work with them
to help make their son or daughter responsible for making the most of their opportunity to learn in
Spanish class. In addition, one of the most positive attributes Will possesses as a teacher is his hunger to
improve and willingness to try different methods to improve student learning and success. I have
personally seen how Will has modified his teaching methods based on student progress, or on
suggestions I (or others) have given him. He has passion for the Spanish language, and shares that with
his students as he tries to get them excited about the possibilities that become available to those that
speak and understand Spanish, as they advance in their studies of the language. He strives to keep all
learners engaged through a variety of approaches; such as incorporating review games, incorporating
technology, utilizing partner speaking opportunities and providing individual practice. Furthermore, he
easily identifies concepts that are difficult for students to grasp, and makes an effort to make those ideas
more accessible and clear. Will differentiates his instruction for a variety of learning styles and abilities;
and has had success collaborating with students with accommodations without incident.

Clearly Will has proved to be a qualified, thoughtful, and dedicated teacher thus far; and I
wholeheartedly extend my personal recommendation on his behalf. Please do not hesitate to contact me
with any questions or concerns.
Erin Amestoy-Mariano
Spanish Teacher at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
(775) 336-6064 /