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150 East Gilman St. Suite 2600 Madison, WI 53703 P 608-255-1000 CLA Community Board Mlcael Gener, Chat ‘To whom it may concern, Inhm other chr eee I'd like to recommend Ms. Sally Carpenter for employment based on her Step es performance as a Program & Outreach intern with the Clean Lakes ToneBatista Alliance. Terel mechistonon From June to August of 2014, Ms. Carpenter interned with the Clean Sharon Corrigan Lakes Alliance for 24 hours a week and proved to bea valuable addition fetes to our team. She supported our program coordinators in producing our Vest Eren Clean Lakes Festival, Loop the Lake bike ride, and our Yahara Lakes 101 Pai speaker series. In addition to these duties, she assisted with upkeep of “yer Leeper our DonorSnap donor management system, including maintenance of Deve mtey our media contact list, and general outreach efforts, such as event Meliss Malet submissions to local community calendars. Kamran Mesbah Bob ite D.Michaet Mucha Ms, Carpenter maintained a professional and helpful office demeanor fowkar and completed assigned tasks well and in a timely manner. For example, Richard Pearson Ms. Carpenter proactively used the master event checklist to identify eareoneiae and complete preparation needs for our recurring Yahara Lakes 101 Rebeca Power events. She applied the information learned as part of her Journalism EncSant curriculum to our work with media and sponsors, including AP style and Syn Thompson other communications practices. Uj Updite ober Weber jimWelsh Please contact me with any further questions or details of Ms. FriendsofCleantakestoard -—-«Carpenter’s internship with the Clean Lakes Alliance. Maree cormon, Chair Trey Sorina, Vchair Bch Leping Secretary si Michoe osecharoen Treasurer Umm beyer "yale > Joanne Barish 7 Coy A Bo ‘ny th James ye glean Re Co-founder/Vice President Tonsoni Clean Lakes Alliance Naraistowd| Rss Tiernan James Tye, Exec. Director Yahara Pride Farms Board Jeff Endres, Char Bob Uphoft, V.chatr Chuck Ripp Secretary Seott Maer, Treasurer Dave Fahey Mike Gerner ‘Will Hensen Rob Kline Walter Metntolz Dave Taylor Don Heilman, Exec. Director CLA Executive Board