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1403 Washington Road (inside the Time Warner Cable building)

The Friends of Kenosha Community Media is a community-based annual membership group that financially supports the mission of KCM to build community through media. Kenosha Community Media, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, therefore, your contributions are tax-deductible. KCM works to accomplish its mission by offering the opportunity for the public to share their talents through the mediums of television, print and the Internet, and, beginning in 2011, through community radio.

KCM seeks to enable citizens and organizations to enlighten, entertain, and educate fellow Kenoshans and others on items of interest and importance. Your membership in the Friends of KCM provides a vital means toward accomplishing this objective. The Friends of KCM needs not only your financial support but also your commitment toward making Kenosha a better place.

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KCM Programs
Kenosha TV is the video production and TV broadcast division of KCM. Since 1985, Kenosha TV has provided the public with professional video equipment, through its Kenosha Media Center, 1403 Washington Road (inside the Time Warner Cable building), so the public may create programming of interest to the community. Kenosha TV airs these programs on cable channel 14 (Time Warner Cable). Learn more about Kenosha TV by visiting Southport Press is the publishing division of KCM. It invites Kenosha artists and writers to take part in a variety of creative projects, including book publication, in order to provide an outlet of expression to Kenoshans and to bring better awareness of the arts, history, and culture of Kenosha. Learn more about Southport Press at Radio Waves will become a new division of KCM in 2011. Through an alliance with WGTD 91.1 FM, KCM is developing this radio broadcasting opportunity in which the public may apply to create audio programming at the Kenosha Media Center and deliver it over WGTD 91.1 FM/HD3. With use of an HD radio receiver, listeners can tune in to not only their favorite programming on WGTD 91.1 FM, but also to two other audio streams, HD2 (jazz), and HD3 (Radio Waves-community radio). Learn more about HD Radio at The Internet offers another avenue for KCM to provide the public with opportunities for expression. KCM may offer video-on-demand and live-streaming services in the future over its Kenosha TV Website. Both Kenosha TV and Southport Press may be found on Facebook. Scholarships. KCM recognizes that not everyone has the financial means to enroll in a video production course, so it offers a scholarship program that is available to individuals of Kenosha whose income level is considered “very low income” by HUD standards for the Kenosha area.

Our Services
YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND EDUCATION Video production classes for youth The Big Write-Kenosha/Novel-Writing Challenge for Youth VIDEO COVERAGE Civic Veterans Parade Kenosha Literacy Council Spelling Bee HarborPark Jazz & Blues Festival Reaching for Rainbows Local election coverage and candidate forums Kenosha Public Library activities and events Kenosha Public Museum activities and events well as many programs produced by your friends, family, and neighbors in the Kenosha area. EQUIPMENT Professional TV studio Field production video cameras and accessories Video editing systems EDUCATION Video production courses for youth and adults Photography classes ACTIVITIES 24 Hour Video-Making Challenge Kenosha TV 25th Anniversary Activities The Big Write-Kenosha/Novel-Writing Challenge for Youth & Adults

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Membership Level (please check) q Individual - $25 q Media Tycoon - $500 q Family - $35 q Media Giant - $1,000 + q Media Mogul - $250 If you would like to designate your membership contribution to a specific area, please check below: q As Needed by KCM q Scholarships q Youth Empowerment and Education q General Education in Media Use q Video Coverage of Local Events q Video Production Equipment q Southport Press Publications and Projects q Kenosha Radio Development q KCM Internet Services Development

Please Make Checks Payable to Kenosha Media Center and Return To: KENOSHA MEDIA CENTER, 1403 Washington Road, Kenosha, WI 53140. Thank you for joining our circle of friends and supporting our mission to build community through media!

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