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To contribute to the goal of preparing beginning teachers who are reflective practitioners, student teachers will write an
Action Plan at the end of each field experience in conjunction with the cooperating teacher and/or the University
supervisor. It will synthesize each field experiences evaluation, link each field experience to the next, establish goals
for improvement, and form an agenda for discussion between the student teacher, the cooperating teacher and
University supervisor at the beginning of the next field experience.

Bianca Ferrara
Name ____________________________

Student number ______________________

Elementary Education
B.Ed.: ____________________________

Field Experience:




I have shown strength in these areas during the field experience:

I feel that this semester my confidence really increased. I was able to jump right in and was eager
to take the lead when executing a lesson. I feel I blended with the environment very well; I kept my
information organized and I worked closely with my CT and other teachers. I felt a lot more at ease
asking for feedback and suggestions and I really learned a lot about what it takes to build a unit based
on different subjects. I am continuously learning how to plan for the day and manage my time. I have
shown more strength in flexibility and ability to adapt my lesson plans to the needs of my students.

I would like to improve my skills in these areas:

I would like to improve my classroom management skills. I feel that I can get afraid to really enforce a rule or
become more strict. I think that this will come with having my own class and expectations. I would also like to
become a part of an ECA. Due to the strike, I did not have any opportunities to take part in Extra Curricular
Activities. This was unfortunate for me, especially since my CT usually takes part in Leadership programs as well
as many different humanitarian fundraisers. Finally, I would like to increase my knowledge and ease of teaching
with technology. I find that the use of technology is very present in todays educational system; I would like to learn
how to make Smart Board programs and to teach about using simple computer programs like Word or PowerPoint.

Strategies for improvement:

I have come into contact with a technology specialist from Learn Quebec who has offered
me resources on teaching with technology. I will use these when developing my lessons plans
and educating my students on technology. I will continue to try different classroom
management strategies; Popsicle sticks, a daily schedule, stop and think cards, seating
arrangements and more. I will continue to set boundaries and stick to them.

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This Action Plan is to be discussed with your cooperating teacher and McGill supervisor at the start of
your next field experience.