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Sarah Unger

Letter to the editor

Honors Project
Women and Gender Studies
You always hear people say I am pro-life or I am pro-choice. You hear them argue
about whats right when it comes to abortion but you never hear people trying to figure out why
we argue about abortion or what the cause of abortion is really is or how to reduce the need for
abortion. In the United States we have many options for birth control and in middle school or
high school we all go through sex education. So why is abortion still a problem, if we have
options and we teach people from a young age?
I feel that part of the problem is that although we educate the young on sex the education
is inadequate. In most schools abstinence only and sexually transmitted infections(STI) is the
only thing taught in sex-ed. With 20% of teenagers losing their virginity before age 14,
something needs to change. Most teens get their sexual education on the internet and many of the
sources used are incorrect. Something needs to change. 82% of teen pregnancies are unintended
and one quarter of those pregnancies end in abortion. Something needs to change. There are
almost 9 million new cases of STIs among teenagers and young adults in the United States, rates
that are much higher than in most industrialized nations. Many teens who have already had sex
had no prior education on contraceptives before their first time having sex. Something needs to
change! I feel that part of the solution to stopping and reducing abortion and to reduce negative
teen sex statistics is to start teaching comprehensive sex education rather than abstinence only
sex education.
Comprehensive sex education isnt just teaching teens about sex, its teaching them about

contraception, pregnancy prevention, and the options they have. Comprehensive sexual
education doesnt ignore abstinence as the best form of pregnancy prevention but expands on
other methods as well in an age appropriate fashion. Its about informing teens about sex and
methods to protect themselves rather than saying just dont do it. Abstinence only sex-ed is great
in theory but with seventy percent of teens under the age of 19 having sex, it just doesnt work.
It is easier to teach someone methods on how to prevent pregnancy rather teach them how to
raise a child.
I feel that in order to find a way to stop abortion rather than bickering over it changes
need to be made at all government levels to increase the education of todays youth about sex
and pregnancy prevention. In the end, abortion is an issue in the United States today, but through
comprehensive sexual education and prevention maybe in the future it might not be an issue at