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Truman 1 Larryon Truman Dr. Bacote BITH 111 10/01/12 a nN You asked me why I would ever go to a place like Wheaton College, a place with moral code that would inhibit me from ever having any “fun”. I'm writing this to you to tell you that the Wheaton Community Covenant isn’t a moral code that restricts me from doing things Rather, the covenant is a statement of the freedom we have in Christ, It is designed to foster an educational community that is centered in Chi t and His kingdom. The reason for the Covenant isn’t to bind the community to rules; instead, it’s a rubric of how to grow both individually and communally as whole and more effective Christians. Very few colleges around the United States are engaged and committed to interacting with the whole student. There are two primary reasons for my desire to live'the Wheaton community grounded in the Community Covenant. Firstly, abiding by the Covenant is a means of formative growth. Furthermore, itis by choice that the community of Wheaton College covenants together. Wheaton College’s Community Covenant engages the members of the community on a number of levels. In reaching the community academically, spiritually, and communally, the Community Covenant touches all aspects of human life. The purpose of the Covenant is to create an atmosphere that fosters growth, while simultaneously removing whatever may hinder its members from their calling. I want to live in a community that will constantly challenge me to be Truman 2 a more whole and effective student, Christian, and member of society. By living in accordance to the Covenant, its members are continually being molded into the likeness of Christ. Choosing to abide by the covenant may be a requirement to attend Wheaton; however it’s ‘day to day commitment of faithful living, The act of willingly adhering to the Community Covenant holds significant value as it stands as a testament to faith in Jesus Christ. Itis an external representation ofa lie devoted to serving God. 77 gor Although the Covenant contains many constructive guidelines, there is one clause in the Covenant I would change. The Wheaton College Community Covenant states that dancing may only occur with official College sponsorship. Growing up in a culture where dancing is an important social activity, I fee! that this regulation limits one’s ability to express themselves fully. I believe that the Christian body should embrace the culture of fellow believers, Dance can be used to worship God and develop community. zy, grorl Itis for these reasons that I approve of these so-called “restrictive rules”. The Covenant will be instrumental in the growth of my faith as well as that of others in my Community. By my free choice in deciding to follow the Covenant, I am living out a life of faith unto my King, Very good. Free of grammar errors and well written, Good job pornting out the importance of| whole life formation. | especially like your eimphasis on the importance ofa life of submission to King Jesus and willing submission to the CC as a part of that Halo ware with you about the dancing, and appreciate that vou made your point persuasively without badmouthing Wheaton ~ At