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[ ¥ Gruen fen Aubry You (mR to SRY? 00 HO) WaT You W RESTOR? Qh 10 No) WAIN TO BE RESTORED FROM THE Larvontruman DID YOU (eSB? HAGRE A 10 DP FRRACE Pain inMinsty BE WRN Te, WORK HARD 40 recat SO YO. WORDS WAL NOT Be AUS NPRRS TEED By giving God the glory in restoring our pain we can become good stewards of our pain to be more effective in ministry. In this paper I will explain tow the restoration our pain] hae allows us to be more sensitive o those who we are ministering to, and allowing God to be ——_—. OU MAE ae unistering to, and allowing God to be slorfied in midst of our pain and struggle provides a more effective ministry. Rit of our ain an struggle pro fective ministr First off, its through th restratin of our pain and ster we are made more (Christ like. Ths is evidenced in the Book of Job.' Through the restoration of Job's pain and Suffering, he is able to act as an intercessor to God for his friends. (Job 42.7.9) Consequently, ‘we see tha there is an intimacy with God when healing and restoration takes place. This intimacy offers a means of interessory and direction between the already healed, and the one ‘needing healing. This act of intercessory and direction can be effective in healing ministries When God restores a person from a painful situation, thee isa viable credit and glory given to God. This credit can be used minister to others who have gone through similar painful situations hownke ULV OSiNG THE twoio GLOMEG? Furtbermore, God's healing miisty ttt Gre iwearetpacincinan | YHME (TS effective ministry. “Pro Christo et Regno Ejus” or “For Christ and His Kingdom” must be at the Tre Chsto ot Regno Ey center of al we do, including ministry. By constantly giving the glory to God forthe miraculous DEF IN No ¢ healing he des in individual's es, we are loriing God and bering wines to His Kingdom. (AL TY 6 SNA, As Wheaton College students, we must bear in mind that itis not for any personal gain that we minister, but we must keep in mind that we are intercessors and ministers to others who joing through painful situations ea THESE UN Teds Ch RRFUULY ——E—o—" VE ONY TF, TY EWCLOIITE. NOY eae " Course Notes p. 77 b