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Larryon Truman NV God's Creation 2/20/13 The very fact that God created implies intention for His creation. Ministry seeks to work within the purposes of God displayed in His creation.' In this paper I will explain how cots etna eee Creation implies intention and how this intention is important in ministry. Coe wy In Dante's De Monarchia he says that, “The essence exists for the sake of function.” This SM aio WAS indicates that the reason for the essence’s being is that a purpose attached to that essence STATEWMRUT. ABM Ne CARA TOR, beforehand Similarly, the fact that God created implies a function to that given reatign is ayqy creation was made for a purpose, and these purposes were planned before the actual act of creation. Just as God created light before he created the luminaries, (Gen 1:3-4, 14-15), God created us as human beings for a purpose before we existed. We were created to glorify God and NAOUED enjoy him forever. The purpose presupposes the action In the same way, we may take this concept into the context of ministry, “The fact that God made the Universe and gave it intentionality and purpose should also increase our confidence when He gives directions as to how we should act within the created order.”? In other words, since the Universe was created with a direction and purpose, we too have been PACEWLEAT™, created with a direction and purpose. Therefore, the fact that God created can be regarded in evEXORED ministry as central to the purpose and direction of that ministry iret Ally Additionally, “Since God created and spoke His will to men and women it must be assumed that He has purposes he has revealed; these purposes have to do with men and women becoming a part of His plan and fulfilling His purposes in the world.’ We were created for a purpose, and we as Christians seek to live out that purpose through ministry. ©0680 " Course Notes p35 2 Course Notes p. 36 > Course Notes p.27