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JON TESTER seu hans Boome ei ass Wnited States Senate aera ae ‘The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food 1341 Baseline Road Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0CS Dear Minister MacAulay: I write regarding Canada’s treatment of wheat grown in the United States. Canada is ‘Montana’s largest and most important trading partner and bulk wheat is Montana’s largest exported commodity. While I appreciate Canada’s reforms in recent years to harmonize its grain laws and regulations with world wheat markets, I remain concerned about Canada's wheat grading system and its effect on agricultural trade between our nations. ‘Montana's wheat growers produce a world-class product that is exported across the ulobe. However, due to current Canadian law, Montana’s wheat is automatically downgraded to the lowest quality designation when imported into Canada, The downgrade occurs without considering the variety or quality of the grain, which is counter to the United States’ system of grading Canadian wheat. ‘This unequitable practice is detrimental to our long-term trade relationship and needs to be corrected. As you transition into your new position and as you set an agenda on agricultural trade issues, I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you or other relevant members of Canada’s new government to discuss wheat grading. Tknow Montanans stand ready to work with Canada to strengthen our mutually beneficial exchange of agricultural goods, and I believe both sides stand to benefit from a direct discussion on grading and trading grain. ook forward to working with you in your new role as the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. Thank you for your consideration of this important issue. Your staff can contact my office through Justin Folsom at 202-224-8586 or Justin Folsom/ Sincerely, Jon Tester eazzn sure Gusove reat Fas Heten fusreu (aoe 50-50 100) 7-227 (ace) 2301 oe 62-3885 (aoe) -2401 (499) 267-3200 Bu (406) 253 Missou.s (40«} 728-2003

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