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Ashlie Head

December 4, 2015
Personal Reflection
On August 24, 2015 I began my internship at Professor Paul Cohens Torchlight
program at The Red Hill Motion Picture Releasing Company. The Torchlight program is
internship opportunity presented to students interested in fields including writing,
marketing, and/or film. I was so pleased to find an internship that truly encompassed
multiple interests of mine.
A month before my starting date I had a phone interview with Professor Cohen
during the summer. On the phone we discussed my personal career plans, interests, and
previous work/internship experiences. During the interview Professor Cohen gave me a
brief but detailed history of his involvement as a director, producer, and writer in the film
industry in New York City. He also explained to me what exactly the interns do when
they work at The Red Hill Motion Picture Releasing Company. From that point on I was
extremely thrilled about the work I would be involved with; working as a social media
influencer for current, independent films seemed like the perfect fit for me. But it wasnt
until I started working in late August that I actually fully understood my position and my
potential influence online.
Before my first day of work I was definitely somewhat nervous, not really
knowing what to expect from the workplace, TAs, other interns, and of course my super
successful supervisor Paul Cohen. After meeting the TAs; Arden, Nicole, and later on
Ashlae I felt comfortable because they were so welcoming and really gave me a great
understanding of the company and all the ins and outs of what we would be participating
in. The TAs explained to me and the other 11 interns that companies in Los Angeles, CA
such as After Dark Films, Breaking Glass Films, Film Festival Flix, etc. hire Red Hill
Motion Picture Releasing Company to promote and create awareness about their
particular new films, through social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and also
reviews on Amazon, Google, iTunes, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes. As interns we were
told on the first day of work to create all new Twitter and Facebook accounts that would
be used solely for this internship, and not interfere with our personal social media
My schedule I worked was Monday and Wednesday from 12-4PM and also
Thursday I came into the office for the evening shift from 4-8PM. At The Red Hill
Motion Picture Releasing Company everyday was a somewhat different depending on
what projects we were working on that week. I found this to be exciting because every
shift I worked felt different, and I never was stuck doing the same work for four hours
three times a week. It was always really exciting when the other interns and I were told
we were viewing a new movie during a shift. During these shifts we would walk
downstairs to the theater room and view one of the new films from a company that hired
Red Hill Motion Picture Releasing Company to promote for them. I definitely appreciated
how Professor Cohen always let us watch the movies before working on them online. It
was very important to him that all of us interns he hired were well aware of the content
that we would be promoting on Twitter, Facebook, and through reviews. After viewing a
new film I would go back to the conference table I worked at each shift and discuss with

the other interns and TAs what we all thought about the film. During this time the TA
would write on the whiteboard key words that related to the specific film we watched, so
that we had fresh ideas to search on Twitter to find users talking about similar topics
online. I loved this aspect of my internship, because it is really important to me to
brainstorm and have a cohesive conversation with others. I believe this is one of the best
ways to learn ideas and it was so helpful to discuss thoughts, and concerns with the other
interns about each project we worked on. The room we worked in was covered in white
boards and posters with movie titles including key words, hashtags to use, and overall
ideas about the film for inspiration on what to post.
During the internship I learned countless marketing skills that I previously had
never even thought about. One of the first key lessons the TAs taught me was the
advanced search capability on Twitter. This option allows users to target specific areas
in the world, therefore honing in on tweets from a particular location. For example when
I worked on the film Heart Of A Dog I knew that the movie was being aired in a specific
theater in New York City. Therefore I could go in on Twitter and hit the advanced search
button, type NY, NY in the location bar and then type a phrase such as visual poetry
that is relevant to the film, and hit search. This process will lead me to find all tweets that
include the phrase visual poetry within 15 miles of NY, NY. This is a marketing
strategy to find people talking about relevant material to each project I worked on,
allowing me to tweet at users that actually might be interested in seeing the movie I am
referencing. I also learned from the TAs the importance of using hashtags on Twitter to
keep consistency throughout our posts. Each post I made about a particular movie I
would use the same hashtag in every tweet or Facebook post. I also learned how
important it is to link the films website, trailer, or movie theater in each tweet or
Facebook post. Doing this is key so that person I tweeted at can quickly receive more
information about the film Im promoting. Another valuable skill I learned was how to
participate in conference calls with clients. Professor Cohen had all the interns gather
around the speakers on the conference table so that we could all share our ideas and
opinions when clients from Los Angeles, CA would call to discuss our projects with us. I
learned how to appropriately introduce myself and quickly explain my point before the
next intern shared theirs, this was a very useful skill Im thankful to have learned.
Twitter only allows users to type up to 140 characters per tweet, which I learned is
not much room to say what you want to say. At first this was a struggle for me to connect
to the person I was tweeting at and also promote the film as well as give the relevant link.
It took practice to formulate the perfect tweet but throughout my internship I noticed my
ability to write more precise and to the point due to the fact I was tweeting so often. My
main struggle with writing has always been being too wordy so learning this key skill
during this internship was really important and useful for my future in writing.
Another amazing opportunity I received from working as a Torchlight intern was
the chance to participate in the Veteran Film Festival. This was true honor for me. During
the event I had the pleasure of meeting the directors, David Salzberg and Christian
Tureaud, of The Hornets Nest. It was an incredible experience to meet both of the
directors and to see how passionate and proud they truly were of their documentary.
During the film festival we watched The Hornets Nest. It was an extremely enlightening
and captivating film about the warzone in Afghanistan, focusing on covering the
emotions and actions of U.S. troops on the front lines. I feel blessed to have been apart of

the event especially when The Torchlight Center presented a $25,000 scholarship at the
festival. One of my favorite parts of festival was the Q&A session between the directors
and audience members; it was eye-opening to hear the veterans offer their insight and
experiences from war. The Veteran Film Festival was an outstanding experience that Im
so grateful I had the opportunity to participate in.
Overall I am very pleased and fortunate to have learned the marketing and writing
skills from this internship as well as gained the knowledge and insight from the TAs and
Professor Cohen.
Project word counts:
8 Films To Die For: 6,443
Heart of A Dog: 1,631
Short Skin: 3,778
Montana: 1,457
Sand Dollars: 3,775
Manhattan Romance: 5,967
After Words: 653
Racing Extinction: 3,759
Total word count: over 27,463