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4.1 General Requirements
4.1.1 Company has established and implemented a documented quality management system
(QMS), and continually improved its effectiveness as described in this Quality Manual.
4.1.2 Figure 1 and Figure 2 describes the Quality Management System and the main processes
and their interaction, respectively.
4.1.3 The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is monitored through Management
Reviews and Internal Audits.
4.1.4 The results of these measurements are presented at the Management Review, where if
necessary corrective actions or continual improvement activities are assigned to
ensure that the planned results are obtained and that the processes are continuously
4.1.5 The follow-up of the corrective actions and improvement activities are monitored in the
subsequent Management Review.
4.1.6 Company shall maintain responsibility for product conformance to specified requirements
when processes are outsourced.
4.1.7 Partial outsourcing during manufacturing shall be monitored by PEACH for
Quality Control & Assurance.