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Linda Escamilla

English 6A
Prof. Eric Dinsmore
1 December 2015
World Hunger
The state of nutrition is important in every country. It is a matter of significance because
people are in a malnourished state in third world countries and other countries they are not. In
David Biellos essay, Will Organic Food Fail to Feed The World, and Margaret Meads , The
Changing Significance of Food, both share similar perspectives about the amount of food
industries produce. It is enough to feed the world, however the community fails to do so.
In Biellos writing piece, he suggests a hybrid approach to food production that takes
environmental impact and yield into account. (Biello 232). Because of the increase of human
population, he mentions that food is require more. He claims that , The world already produces
22 trillion calories annually via agriculture, enough to provide more than 3,000 calories to every
person on the planet. The food problem is one of distribution and waste (Biello 234). Provided
that, the food distribution system is the problem. Challenges in food distribution rises because
consumers rely on the most traditional method of distribution which is conventional farming.
Biello points out that conventional farming is fast and relies on cheap utilities such as energy and
labor, however the community are not aware that the problem with this farming practice is that it
contributes to environmental impact. There is already enough disparity of the world between
food and people.
Margaret Mead is also aware of global hunger. In her essay she argues that, Americans
need to think about the relationship between the American diet and their capacity to feed the poor

and the hungry both at home and abroad( Mead 166). In her writing, she provides her concerns
of the food issue in society. She claims that, we have the productive capacity to feed everyone
in the world, and the technical knowledge to see that their stomachs are not only filled but that
their bodies are properly nourished with the essential ingredients for growth and health ( Mead
168). She points this out in her essay because she wants the reader to acknowledge that America
can make a significant change in food. With this in mind, she states that, We cannot live with
hunger and malnutrition in one part of the world while people in another part are not only well
nourished, but over-nourished (Mead 167). Given that, world hunger is a critical issue that
Mead wants the reader to be inform about and to reflect that as a community, there is an end to
world hunger.
Taken together, Biello and Mead present strong evidence for world hunger. Both of their
evidence not only make interesting points, but it stands out that feeding the world is a critical
issue. Biellos solution is to increase the food production of whole foods. The growth of human
population is a huge concern and he suggests to feed this population, it should be fed with
organic solutions. Meads solution is to balance enough within the population so every child can
be fed. Both of their solution contributes to the future of food. They are aware that hunger is a
critical issue and their writings propose efforts that the community should be taking action.