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Production Brief

Production Brief

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Published by: VanessaAmeliaDavid on Mar 31, 2010
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Product Name: The NewBorn Medium/format: A psychological thriller, two minutes trailer Length: 2 Minutes Deadline: 31st

March Group Members: Amy Ward,Muriel Acheampong & Vanessa David Brief overview of content: When Danielle loses her baby, she becomes obsessive with her best friends new born daughter believing that its hers and kidnaps her best friends child. Target audience: 15-25 year olds, more female than male Possible scheduling/ publishing suggestions: We have scheduled our filiming date for 16th March. What comparable products have you researched?: Drama, Physiological, spy thrillers; the dark knight What is the rationale behind this text?: Within this text we want the viewers to be involved. The viewers will feel a bit of confusion as we want them to have empathy for Danielle as nobody would want that to happen to them, this will pull the emotional strings of the woman as they will feel sorry for both Danielle and Lisa. However they will feel sympathy for Lisa more than Danielle as her baby is taken away from her and What representations will be operating in your text? Are these justified? We have decided to go against stereotypes and have made the antagonist a female, yet the characteristics of an antagonist still remain, Danielle is dangerous, mental and unstable yet she is still seen as a victim due to her past. How will you test whether the product is successful? How will you check that it accomplishes the intended effect?: We will use questionnaires asking people if they think our initial product fits in with the criteria. What generic codes and conventions will be operating in your text? What are the overt messages incorporated into the text? That you can not trust anybody not even your own friends. Also that mental illness can hit anybody at any time in their lives and it can be brought on my anything. Are there any (hidden) messages incorporated into the text? n/a Identify any resources constraints (time, money, equipment, human resources) that might affect your production and your hopes for your

product? Time is always a problem, but we need to make sure that we use our time effectively. Our human resources could be a problem as all our characters may have different time tables and we have to work around that.

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