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Choose a song or musical composition that communicates your experience with writing and

UWRT 1102. Consider including a video of the song. Explain your choice.

1. A song to describe this class would be Weight of Love by The Black Keys. The vocals are
kept to a minimum but the guitar wailing along with the soft drum beat provides a
melodic tone that is calm and easy to listen to. The meaning of the song doesnt matter
opposed to how it sounds. Its about seven minutes long but it has it gets lively in
between. Whenever I write, I listen to music that has either no vocals or just some so my
thoughts arent taken over by whatever Im listening to. Just like this song, this class has
never seemed to drag on forever or become annoying at any time.
If you were to teach this class, what ideas would you emphasis?

2. If I were to teach this class, I would focus on how people write better. This would be
opinionated as people learn and act differently, so it could evolved into a group
discussion. People would be able to share their ideas and maybe learn from others. We all
learn differently which is why there are so many different study methods and why not
everyone gets good grades. Some people dont learn as quick, cant learn just by
listening, or dont have the motivation. Learning how you get work done lets you learn
more about yourself that you wouldnt usually think about.
Explain how your understanding of rhetorical knowledge has changed over the course of the
semester using at least three examples from your writing (ex. Did you shift an assignment to
better fit a particular genre like a proposal?).

3. Before starting this class, I had no idea what rhetorical knowledge was nor had I ever
heard of it before. After just a few weeks of this class, I had learned how my writing
could be vastly improved. When we got assigned new assignments, I tried out the new
writing methods to see how well they worked and I was surprised. When we wrote about
the Book Thief, I was able to write a lot more after using some of the methods we learned
in class. Our Literacy Narrative and Thesis really let me show what I have learned
because these were long papers that required a lot of knowledge about. When I got stuck
writing and couldnt think of anything else, I read over what I wrote and saw a few
unanswered questions and paragraphs that could have more detail. After adding more
detail and explanation, I had reached the end of my essay and was able to wrap it up.

Explain how your critical reading has improved during the semester. (Ex. In what ways did you
read across texts for connections and patterns in your inquiry?)

4. In High School, the hardest texts I read were by Shakespeare, so it was hard to
comprehend what he was saying all the time. That helped a little because I learned how to
focus on certain sentences more. Now, the books and articles weve read in class have me
do the same thing. If there is something I dont understand, I read over the previous
paragraph to see if there are any details I missed that mightve helped in the following

Discuss your composing processes. Ex. Did you conduct additional research while revising or
after consulting a colleague? Provide at least three examples to support your assertion.

5. When writing our narrative essay, I didnt have as much information as I did after we met
in small groups and in the conference. My group members helped me figure out where I
should add more detail and what else I could talk about. Starting the inquiry project was a
lot more beneficial since it required more research. My question was Are Hydrogen cars
or Electric cars more efficient. After meeting with group members to discuss our topic,
people had preceding questions that dealt with how hydrogen is used as a power source
and varying questions about electric motors. Having class conversations helped everyone
learn how to add more detail to their papers and how its ok to ask questions in class
because it might help more people than just yourself.

Provide at least three examples of your knowledge of conventions (ex. sentence level changes,
MLA citations).

6. I have only done one or two research papers before this one in High School so I dont
remember a lot. But after this class, I learned the right way to cite sources and MLA
format. I also learned new transition phrases that make each paragraph unique and sound
better. Instead of just using a simple word, a phrase makes each paragraph flow better.
Grammar has also helped my sentence structure. Instead of just making sentences sound
like a list, Ive learned to put them together and add detail so they each have their own

Critical Reflection: a) Discuss an example of choices made during a composition. b) Explain

what you think is most important in providing commentary on others work and receiving
commentary on your own. Provide at least three examples of your nuanced use of commentary in
your writing projects.

7. During our composition, people either had a really good idea of what to write about or
just had a very simple draft. Those with a simple draft really relied on others for
comments and suggestions. The writing seminars were really helpful because everyone
and I were able to talk about the positives and negatives of each others papers. In our
Seven Ways to Be More Curious paper, talking with people helped me because it was one
of our first large papers. I never had to write usually more than four pages, so having
feedback on that helped a lot. Now with or inquiry thesis, there are people with very
broad topics so after reading over a few inquiry papers, I was able to add a few more
questions that they could answer and research which would help expand their paper.