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Kelly Atkinson

8 October 2015
Journal 7: Manifesta

This concept on page 276 can relate to todays feminism because

feminism and the womens movement are still in full effect today. The






misrepresentation, and ridicule.




In todays society there is a large

misconception that all feminists are men haters and lesbians. Powerful
women feminists such as Nicki Minaj or Beyonc are going against this
preconception that feminists are nasty or dirty man haters. They are
powerful advocates in what feminism is, which is in any interpretation
anything you want it to be. Feminism is advocating and standing up
for the rights of women and fighting for the rights we are denied. In
the quote the author states we shall use every instrumentality within
our power to effect our object and this is exactly the problem and the
way we are still addressing feminism today.
B. Activism is when and how one demonstrates strong positive action to
achieve a goal in the end. Feminism is almost a quality one may have
and passion about the inequalities of women, but the way they go
about standing up for equality would be in the form of activism.
Actively engaging in activities that support feminism would also make
one an activist for feminism.

In my opinion feminism would be the

traits one has and passion to fight for rights and activism would be
their strategies to stand out in the crowd and make a difference. The
authors do address that the two topics of activism and feminism are
confused because they are almost interchangeable. The word feminist
has become derogatory and negative for one who is portraying
feminist qualities. An activist can be fighting for many different things
besides womens rights so I believe the media tries to portray the word
activism or activist in a more positive light. On page 282 the author
states If news stories highlighted the real faces and sources of
activism, activists would be much more mundane and familiar.
C. In the list of the thirteen points of feminism number 11 is most
important and relevant to me.

It states to make the workplace

responsive to an individuals wants, needs, and talents. I want to be

very successful and cannot imagine being held back because I am a
woman. My want to strive for the very top will not be brought down or
compared to the work of a man. If I am more capable or talented at a
task I will push forward until I succeed past the man.
D. My favorite example of third wave feminism was the Anita Hill and
Clarence Thomas case.

In a sign of sisterly allegiance, female

members of Congress marched together to the hearings. I think this

was a good example of how the feminist movement is still active and
portraying their bond in the third wave of feminism.