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October 2015


Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting

Highlights October 2015
President, Winifred Zubin opened the meeting at 9:30.

Leadership committee report- Plans for the Maple Festival 2016 were discussed as Fleischmanns has designated
the Maple Fest as its Scenic By Way activity. Funding is
available which will allow for expansion and more activities. Events and activities to be included and considered are The Maple Bake-Off, a Maple Cookbook, Maple Sap 5K run, Crowing of the Maple Court, a presentation of oral histories about Maple Syrup production and
perhaps an exhibition of farm equipment and history of
farming by local farmers, childrens activity with Maple
theme at Skene and an art exhibit with a maple theme.
April 2 and 3 is the target date. The proposal is due on
12/1/15 and will be submitted by Michelle Sidrane.
Cauliflower Festival brought in some revenue. There are
eight renewals and five new members.
Howl..ween parties- Yvonne Reuter presented new flyers. The event will be held at La Cabana. Childrens
Party is from 3:00 to 5:00. This event is free. Adult party, a fundraiser, is from 7:30-? All Fleischmanns First
members are invited to attend. Fee for the adult party
$20 pre-bought tickets and $25 at the door. Tickets can
be bought at PC computer Store and the Vivae Colores
Barber Shop at 1033 Main St.
Community Garden Report-Carol Birnbaum. The gardens had a successful summer. Most of the plots were
bought and planted. There were 50 pumpkins in the
pumpkin patch. Clean up day to be announced.
Pumpkin Festival was well attended and was a good
community event.
Next monthly meeting of Fleischmanns First, Saturday,
November 6th, 9:30am La Cabana

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Fleischmanns Then
Making a Living in Fleischmanns

Over the years, Fleischmanns has been the home of many retail shops and even large stores. Of course, there have been
food stores and supermarkets, but there have also been purveyors of luxury goods, fancy chocolates, and antiques.
Halpern Brothers was one of the largest general merchandise stores--it fancied itself the Macy's of the Catskills. It operated until the early 1950s on the south side of Main Street. Main Street also hosted many ice cream shops and bakeries over
the years. Displays in the Greater Fleischmanns Museum of Memories give evidence of a thriving commercial scene
here. Judging by the growth of FAB, Fleischmanns is again experiencing a business revival.


The Trustees of Skene Memorial Library
wish to extend a hearty Thank You to
Fleischmanns First for supporting our
Children's Programs this summer. The
funding from FF enabled us to run ads
every week, which definitely helped increase attendance.
We are most appreciative of the help
from Fleischmanns First!
Thank you,
The Board of Trustees,
Skene Memorial Library

Fleischmanns First at the

Cauliflower Festival
On Saturday September 26th Fleischmanns First participated in the Cauliflower Festival in Margaretville.
Our booth gave people the opportunity to learn about all of
the different events Fleischmanns First has been involved
in as well as future events being planned. Winifred Zubin
put together a picture board with photos from various FF
Through the use of posters/maps and fliers at our booth we
promoted our organization. Many people stopped by our
booth to ask questions about FF - it was a great marketing
opportunity to increase public awareness about our
work. In addition we were able to secure donations from
several new members as well as renewals. The sale of FF t
-shirts and tote bags also helped to raise funds.
Thanks to all of the members who participated at our booth
-Winifred Zubin, Michelle Sidrane, Irene Vazquez, Rob
Alverson, Carol Birnbaum, Janet Steiglehner, Larry Reilly,
Kathy Green and Marilyn Ringel.

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Pumpkin Fest 2015

Autumn brought an early pumpkin harvest with 50+ pumpkins
in the Fleischmanns
Pumpkin Patch, on Wagner Avenue. Harvest celebrants
snipped pumpkins from their vines, journeyed on a hay wagon
through the village, dressed scarecrows in leisure wear or Sunday finest, painted pumpkins, munched on freshly baked apple
cider donuts, and tasted Fresh apple Cider, pressed as they
watched. Some pumpkins were left behind because they were
too big and heavy to carry! Some young attendees had artistic
designs applied to their faces by local artist Kathy Green.
Were you there? If not you missed the fun and frolic, and save
the date for next year, Sunday, October 9 th.
Thanks to the Catskill Forest Association, Lazy Crazy Acres,
Crystal Valley Farms, Zephyr Restaurant, Carl Grochol, Jr.,
Straight Out of the Ground Farm, Fleischmanns Village,
Fleischmanns Fire Dept with their BBQ, and Fleischmanns
First volunteers for making it happen.

The Painters Gallery presents El Arbol, Color y la Puerta an exhibition by Miguel Martinez-Riddle,
a painter based in Brooklyn and the Catskill Forest Preserve. The show will be up until December 28, 2015.

In his work, Miguel Martinez-Riddle combines a dynamic experience of living in the moment with complex
cultural and anthropological references. His abstract paintings owe a debt of influence to perennial and
primitive abstraction, as well as early modernism, and the New York School, including action painting. His
personal visual language has evolved over time and combines intuitive and calculated ways of painting. He
uses pictorial space for creating intricate color relationships to describe transformational moments.
El Arbol, Color y la Puerta means The Tree, Color and the Door. This title is a reflection on The Lion, the
Witch and the Wardrobe, connecting to the forest, visual experience (painting) and transformation.
The Painters Gallery is located in Fleischmanns, NY 1109 Main Street. If youd like to visit the gallery send
an email to Wanda Kossak: wandakoss@mac; or call (646) 626-5155.

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October/November Calendar
Fleischmanns Flyer

Fleischmanns Events ~ Save the Date!

Oct. 25th

Sunday, Community Garden clean up, 10am

Oct. 29th

Thursday, FAB: Fleischmanns Alliance for Business Meeting, Skene 5pm

Oct. 31st

Saturday, Howlween Childrens Party 3-5pm, Adult Party 7:30 +, La Cabana

Nov. 3rd

Tuesday, Election Day

Nov. 7th

Saturday, Fleischmanns First monthly Meeting, 9:30 am, La Cabana

Come & meet your neighbors and support your village

Nov. 9th

Monday, Village Board Meeting at 6:00 pm at the Skene Memorial Library

Rob Alverson
Paula DeSimone
John Duda
Jeanne Malaxos
Michelle Sidrane

The Village Planning Board Meeting, as needed, (1st Tuesday) @ 5:30 pm, Skene Library
Zoning Board Meeting, as needed, (3rd Thursday) @ 6:30 pm, Skene Library
Check with Village Clerk regarding meeting statuses & agendas.
For Village info, please contact the Village Clerk, Lorraine DeMarfio @ 845 254 5514
To have your activity posted here, please contact the Fleischmann's Flyer

If you have something youd like to submit to be included in the

Fleischmanns Flyer please write to: or
PO Box 111, Fleischmanns, NY 12430

Printing and distribution of the Fleischmanns Flyer is

made possible in part by grants from A. Lindsay and
Olive B. O'Connor Foundation and The Pasternak
Family Foundation.

MARK Project
PO Box 516
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Fleischmanns First