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Kelly Atkinson

25 October 2015
Group Work Questions: Notes for contribution
Chapter 5

Reproductive justice issues on forefront of politics: defund planned

parenthood, close abortion clinics, reproductive rights. ------ linking

feminism and abortion

(87) being able to have sex when we want to. They are about
having affordable, accessible contraception. ----- being able to control

ones body.
(87) real reason behind anti-abortion is hating that women have pre-

marital sex.
Contraceptives are more accessible in the recent years. Birth control

pills are free (Aug. 21, 2012) under Obamacare.

People who portray strong stance on anti-abortion do not discuss their

views on contraception.
Male contraceptives are on the way! ---- take the bullet out of the

gun, instead of putting a cover over the target.

people who havent lived their whole lives as women, whether Ms.

Jenner or Mr. Summers should NOT get to define us.

Women wake up after sex terrified if they forgot to take their birth
control pills the day before. The emergency contraception should not

be taken away.
Reproductive rights issues in 2015: -new wave of abortion restrictions
rise of religious exemptions conscience clauses for non religious

groups battles of contraception personhood playbook broad

activists California exception
Chapter 6
injustice: pay gap
** Lily Ledbetter fair pay act (2009) Obamas first bill ---- sue for
discrimination of unequal pay. They still havent made it illegal,
just easier to take care of once it happens. This is the countrys
way of acknowledging the issue but doing the least to fix the

Wage gap: 94% of domestic workers are women and they earn

23% less than min wage.

$1 man 76cents woman. Some say gap doesnt exist.
She says the way the media/laws portray the issues are total bs.
(2014) gender pay gap in childrens allowances.