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Kelly Atkinson

12 November 2015
Journal 13: Hooks Intro and Chapters 1 &2
1. When talking about feminism there are always common threads.
When comparing Manifesta and Feminism is for Everybody they both
discussed how crucial the role of men are in feminism. Especially
informing men about feminism, to make clear that feminism is not an
anti men movement. Rather feminism can be adapted to fit any style
one wants to create. Consciousness raising is important for men and
both of these novels discuss its importance because feminism is losing
momentum due to its unclear definitions. Feminism is for Everybody
and Full Frontal also had similar discussions about reproductive rights.
Someone, such as man, who has not lived their whole life as a woman
should not get to determine what is best for a womans body. They
talk about privileged and unprivileged women and what reproductive
rights they get.
2. Hooks is quoted stating we are all participants in perpetuating
sexismuntil we let go of sexist thought and action and replace it with
feminist thought and action and I do agree with this statement.
Society makes us believe stereotypes about women or men and in
return we start to shape our lives around them. This could also be
considered the stereotype threat. Society tells women that we should

be stay at home mothers who are not as athletic, strong, or talented as

men. If one cannot recognize the sexist thoughts, then they will never
be able to take on a feminist aspect. Feminism is realizing there are
different standards for men and women and owning how to change
3. Hooks definition of feminism is feminism is a movement to end
sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. I agree with Hooks
definition because this is what feminism means to her. It can take on
many angles because as a movement, the advocates are trying to
stand up for equality and tear down the stereotypes. I like that we can
make our own definition it makes it easier for one to begin thinking in a
feministic way, then allowing room for it to grow. I first thought
feminism was very radical but it can mean anything I need it to, to end
sexist beliefs.
4. Hooks provides a brief summary of the feminist movement. Her
accounts are similar, but in my opinion a little different. She discusses
a lot about the power of black women. She states even though
individual black women were active in contemporary feminism
movement, they were not the individuals who became the stars
who attracted the attention of mass media. I think the other readings
we have depicted have not focused that much on black women.
5. I like Hooks first sentence in Chapter 2. She states feminists are
made, not born. One does not become [a feminist] by simply having
the privilege [to be born] a female. The first introduction I had to
consciousness raising emphasized the importance of the patriarchy

and how women and men are not similar and men have constantly
dominated over women. Hooks talks about how groups are beginning
to inform women about what is happening behind the scenes. The
creation of womens studies as an academic course has really changed
the face of the movement. Consciousness raising will help feminism
triumph, especially with the CR of males. Once males become aware
of feminism, it will help inform them that we are not anti-male but
anti-sexism. I fully agree with what she is saying because a lot of
people cringe when they hear the word feminist. But feminism is just
trying to break the barrier of sexism and stereotypes about women so
we can become confident within our mental and physical self.