The Great Example Hunt Exam

WHAT: Research Case Study WHY: So you don¶t forget everything over the next month WHO: On your own HOW: Follow the slides WHEN: DUE second week next term

I LOVE Web 2.0 hunting on my Easter Break!

Ma Making sure you know what¶s goi on and helping you find going impre impressive ways to talk about it.

Research Methods ds
1. While you may know a lot abo the site make sure to do ot about some reading from a number o sources: mber of
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The website/service itself (It's "A "About US" or "FAQ" are good places to start) Wiki's about the service - their o own or an external article PRESS - Do a news/blog search about your site and a keyword ie. "Google + GateKeeping" "Bebo + Copyright" "DeviantArt + Bebo Creative Commons" Read some of the information us tion users contribute to the site, rsations comments, articles, conversation - copy/screengrab some of these

ach slide should include a number of 2. Make it a RICH document - Each s t users quotes, links, images - so that user can do further reading and see the whole of your examples)


We Media ± The m modern media is a conversation n a lecture n not
‡ What does your website/c bsite/company do? ‡ What New Media technol chnologies is your company responsible for/rely on? ‡ Are they the original exam l example of this technology or a copy of something? ing? ‡ How long have they been around?

Free Speech ee Sp
‡ How does your site pr promote/restrict free speech? (How does it allow people to oes share ideas with/witho censorship /without ‡ Is their any hierarchy o users (paid rchy of accounts/VIPs) or is it egalitarian?

Institutions ± Big Media ons
‡ Is your website affiliate (connected to) a affiliated traditional Big Media c edia company? ‡ Is so were they always connected? When were they bought out? t ‡ If not in what ways do your site ys does compete with/annoy b media? noy big

We Think ± New Media Allo members of society Allows to share and collaborate fa te faster than ever before. Mass innovation is now mo important than Mass more Produc duction

‡ What kind of ideas are sha re shared on your website? ‡ Do they have commerical value? Does anyone erical buy/sell share them? ‡ Who would be interested i your site (Audience) sted in

We Think - Pro Ams ink P
‡ In what ways does you site allow users to es your collaborate and share share? ‡ What kind of informati is used or ormation shared? ‡ What level of expertise does the users pertise attract? (Experts, amateurs, , ama educated/uneducated cated)

Open Source en So
‡ Is the technology your comapny uses y open source? (It's tech t's technology is available to anyone to download ie. Wikipedia) wnload AND/OR company ‡ How does your compa allow users to nd develop ideas for discuss/share and dev improving its own tool n tools?

Copyri opyright
‡ In what ways does wh your company do es what protect copyright or pr t promote piracy? ‡ Has/Is your company been involved in any pany legal cases? ‡ Does your company b any benefit from the copyright freedom of t internet? m the

Creative Co ive Commons
‡ Does your company u or allow its users any use to use any kind of crea creative commons licensing? le? ‡ How is it available? website more ‡ Does this make the we fective? effective/less effective

ACCESS Digital Div tal Divide (only 25% of the world is online) orld
‡ How many users have access to your s companies services? ices? ‡ Do they have to pay to be involved? ‡ Does your company w any work in any way to get more people in the world connected? (Do they offer grants, support charities to rants, get people connected? ected?)

Gate Keeping te Kee
‡ How does your compa control the company spread of information on its service (Who ation can connect with who? What kind of rules apply?) ‡ Are their any restrictio about who can trictions access and contribute tribute? ‡ Is the information filter n filtered/censored by your company?

Free Press ree Pr
‡ Does your company o any offer any services that can be used by ci citizen journalists for the spread of informat formation that could be in the public interest? st? ‡ Have they been involv in suppressing involved this information at any point?

Marxist Theories of Control? eories
‡ Does your company have a c ve central ideology/belief/mission statem statement? ‡ Do it¶s users represent a par particular ideology or point of view? ‡ Does your company allow a free flow of ideas on its low service or does it enforce a b ce bias? ‡ In what ways may these poin of view conflict with other e points parts of society ± governments/companies/org es/organisations/religious groups.

Power E wer Elites
‡ Does your company c any challenge any existing power structu tructures (Big Media Companies/Important People) ortant ‡ Does your Company h pany hold a monopoly or is it part of an Oligarch of companies that ligarchy dominate that part of t internet? art the

Internet Neutrality net Ne
‡ Does your company rely on internet neutrality to y be successful? ‡ Would it be under threat f being banned/shut hreat for down under new legislatio like the Digital gislation Economy Bill? y ‡ Does your company work in anyway to promote ontrol internet neutrality/control the internet?

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