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Taylor Scruggs

TWS: School Community

Rocky Mountain High School is a place with a foundation of
community and support. Every student is expected and encouraged to
succeed, and they are provided with resources to aid in this. The
culture that students learn in daily is one that provides them with a
positive and safe environment. Students are accepted for who they are
and respect one another. This is because every attendant of Rocky
Mountain High School is expected to demonstrate the Lobo Way.
Another part of the learning environment at Rocky is the block
schedule where students only have four ninety-minute classes per day.
Since they have longer class periods, then students are able to build
stronger relationships with peers and instructors and have more
opportunities for engagement.
There are many programs, resources, and activities for students
at Rocky Mountain High School. Programs include having Advanced
Placement courses and opportunities to earn college credit for students
that need to be challenged, and Voyager and Read-180 classes for
students that need extra help learning certain skills that are necessary
in continuing their education. Another program available at this school
is Integrated Services, which provide services and assistance to
students with special needs. An after school study group meets after
school every Monday - Thursday in the Media Center from 3:00-4:00
PM. This provides students with opportunities to complete homework,
make up tests, or get help from student tutors. The counseling
department at Rocky allows for students to discuss concerns that are
academic, social, or personal. This resource allows for students to get
support that they need to succeed. The college and career center is
another resource that aids in preparing students for the future and
helping them to achieve their goals. Besides academic programs and
resources, there is a long list of activities that students can get
involved in, whether it be athletics or clubs. There are both school
sponsored clubs and student initiated clubs that students can become
involved in based on their individual interests.
Parents are involved at Rocky Mountain High School through
volunteering to help with clubs or athletic activities. Besides this,
parents have the ability to look at graduation requirements and college
resources that could be useful to their student. On the Rocky Mountain
High School website, there are links to athletic schedules and the
school calendar and announcements that would be of use to a parent
that wants to get involved with the school community. Naviance is
another resource that parents can use to help aid their student in
succeeding, as it allows for parents to check on grades and how their
child is doing in their classes.

Programs that support and encourage appropriate student

behavior are seen in the classroom and in the hallways. Lobo 101 is a
class that freshman at Rocky Mountain High School take. This class
introduces students to the ways of Rocky and how they can exemplify
the Lobo Way. Character building is a key portion of this class. This
includes discussing how they can better themselves and the
community, demonstrating respect, and having a good attitude
through both words and actions. Other programs that support and
encourage appropriate student behavior include assemblies that help
students show pride and community as well as school-wide efforts to
stop bullying.
The overall learning climate of Rocky Mountain High School is
based on the value of empowering and preparing students for future
success. Students learn in a safe and accepting environment where
they realize their own potential. Every student is provided with
opportunities to learn and to gain necessary life skills. The learning
climate of Rocky is one not only based on respecting each individual,
but also challenging each other to be the best they can be.
Demographics of Rocky Mountain High School
The following demographics were found using the following URL:
Total Enrollment


9th Grade

529 Students

10th Grade

479 Students

11th Grade

476 Students

12th Grade

482 Students

Student Diversity
This is the breakdown of ethnicity and gender of a school's student
body, based on data reported to the government.
Total Minority Enrollment (% of


American Indian/Alaskan Native

Enrollment (% of total)


Asian Enrollment (% of total)


Black Enrollment (% of total)


Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander

(% of total)


Hispanic Enrollment (% of total)


White Enrollment (% of total)


Two or More Races Enrollment (% 3%

of total)
Male (% of total)


Female (% of total)


Economically Disadvantaged Students

These are the percentages of the school's students eligible for free or
reduced-price lunch, based on data reported to the government.
Free Lunch Program (% of total) 22%
Reduced-Price Lunch Program (% 5%
of total)
Total Economically
Disadvantaged (% of total)


The mission of Rocky Mountain High School is to inspire, guide,

and support the students, faculty and staff to reach their maximum
potential in a caring, challenging and safe environment, as stated on
the Rocky Mountain website. This mission is reinforced with the
importance of valuing every individual, providing everyone with equal
opportunities for learning in a safe environment, and development of
skills in preparation for lifelong success. Each of these is a part of the
Lobo Way.