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Nicole Turner

Capstone 400 Working with Children in a Diverse World

Provide a written response to the following questions:

Did you fulfill your goals in taking this class? Diversity is a challenging and an
emotional area to look at when reflecting on families and children. We all have our bias and
at times it difficult to investigate and challenge our upbringing and the way society depicts
the way families and children live their lives. I feel that I was able to meet my goals I
examined the text and was able to magnify and dissect my own bias. By magnifying my own
bias it allowed me to really dig deep within my character and take careful observation of who
I am. My observation of my own life helped me to feel empowered and to make a decision
that everyone should be able to make these types of choices. I decided that I would build
diversity in the classroom by doing activities for families and children to help them make
empowering connections. How? I welcomed families into the classroom to share their
stories. I put materials in the classroom so that children could learn about others. I made
picture books that allowed children to make authentic connection with their peers. The
children were encouraged to talk about their similarities and their differences. I helped
establish developmental documentation for the families in our center so they would know
and feel like the center was home away from home.


How did this class add to your knowledge of diversity? I was able to see how
generational differences can make an impact within each family. While reading, Just like
Us by Helen Thorpe I saw how different generations can struggle as a result of their

ancestors. The four girls in the story felt like they were being held back and punished for the
way their families came to United States. I had never considered the families in my program,
I have had families that had just arrived in the U.S and I never really considered the
difficulties that came with coming to a new place. Some of the children and families didnt
speak English. They were just thrown in while their families struggled to make it. I learned to
have empathy and consider their difficult situation.

Have you acquired any new techniques for children in a diverse world? I learned and
saw the benefits of doing home visits. I am willing to give of my time by going into the
community and establishing the relationship that will help to bridge the gap with the
differences in cultures. I get involved, I share about my family and upbringing so that people
can see that we are similar.


Give an example of one method and describe why you chose it. I shared about my
home life. I told my classmates that my son and I live with an Asian family. I shared with
about the struggles that I have had while living with them. I also shared about the victories. I
told them about our unique friendship and bond and that we are trying to make a difference
in the way society views our cultures.


What contributions do you feel youve made to others in this class? I think that my
success in my personal life is inspiring and that we should not be afraid to speak up about the
differences or challenges that we face. I know that my courage to do this will not be
forgotten, I saw how people can use their power to make people feel small and that we have
to speak up no matter who we face. What contributions did others make to you? We
collaborated on several topics and theories to affirm that people are people and we have

many similarities. We are capable of working together to be a successful example to our


Have you learned any new concepts that will continue to stimulate your thinking? If
so, give an example of what was most useful to you; if not, give an example of what you
would have found useful. I found some elements of the class to be stimulating but I feel that
we would have had a greater impact if this class was given more time and group observation
time. We were predominantly Hispanic in the class and did not really have the opportunity to
see other cultures on a whole


Reflecting on your writings and discussions, did you learn anything new about
yourself? I learned that I willing to try new things and people. I learned that If not treated
fairly that I will challenge authority on the rationale behind a topic. I learned that I am an
advocate for all people and I believe all people should be treated with respect.