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Individualized Instruction Reflection

Creating the individualized instruction final project, or the interactive PowerPoint, was
one of the most important parts of the course. This project allowed us to practice the full
instructional design process.
When we began the project we had to decide on a topic based on the theme we selected
early on in the semester. But before we could begin creating our project we had to create some
planning cards. The planning cards were created on notecards and each card contained
information for one slide each. It gave a good visual on what you would want to create when it
came to making the actual project. We had to make at least 30 cards and get them reviewed
before we began too. This was helpful, because if you were on the wrong track the TA could give
you advice to help you create what they felt was the best set up. However, personally I would not
use the planning cards on my own terms because once I began working I did not create planning
cards for the rest of my slides. Also my project was over 100 slides and that would be a lot of
cards to keep track of in the end.
Next were the peer-reviews and the TA reviews. These were incredibly helpful. The peerreviews happened first and rather early on too. This allowed us to get useful feedback and also a
chance to see what our peers were doing. For some it even gave ideas on what they could do to
improve their own project. This feedback was also early enough that if you had a serious
problem, you would not have to restart to fix it. The TA reviews were the most helpful though.
Since the TAs are the ones who grade these projects, they gave useful tips and tricks to improve
the final projects. My TA review was helpful and allowed me to learn that my project should be
more for a younger grade and the TA reviewing my work gave me good ideas on how to improve
my project with a few different transitions and animations. By having fresh eyes look at your
work, they also can notice a few mishaps that may exist in your work that you may accidently
This project has shown me a lot about the process of instructional planning and design.
Before I would have just jumped into creating the project and I probably would have become a
bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. By going through each step, although sometimes tedious, it
helped keep everything organized and under control when it came to actually creating the full
and final interactive PowerPoint. Also I learned that planning cards are actually quite a valuable
tool prior to creating a project. It allows one to have a visual representation of what they want to
create which makes the process of creating the work go faster.
By creating this interactive PowerPoint, I have personally addressed the ISTE standard
for teachers of designing and developing digital age learning experiences and assessments. My
interactive PowerPoint over punctuation is a digital tool that allows individual students to go
through different activities, videos, and assessments to learn more about different punctuation
marks. However, it is better than a program that anyone could purchase. That is because it was
created by me and therefore is more equipped to cover the standards required for the state of
Indiana. It also allows me to practice my skills of creating learning materials that can be valuable
for students in the 21st century and digital age.
The individualized instruction final project allowed me to explore more into the process
of planning, designing, and ultimately creating. The full instructional design process is valuable
when it comes to creating anything that may be used within a classroom. Also it allows educators

to work on the ISTE standard regarding designing and developing digital age learning
experiences and assessments.