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OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP

Optimize accounts payable processes in SAP ERP






For most companies, invoice processing requires too much manual effort, causing a drain on resources
internally and for the vendors involved. Manual keying of invoice data and resolution efforts involve timeconsuming historical research, communication with the vendor, process documentation, requests for additional
information from multiple parties, manual routing, and the labor-intensive process of monitoring and providing
update reports on the status of unpaid invoices. AP staff resources can spend most of their time addressing
these problems, while vendors and buyers experience a wide range of disincentives and disadvantages.


Minimize invoice processing time, optimize efficiency

Reduced cycle times

Increased productivity

Lower costs, reduce manual data keying

Scalable foundation

Increase ROI and save money

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions (VIM) is a prepackaged composite application that
works with SAP ERP systems to streamline accounts payable (AP) operations. VIM (sold by SAP as SAP
Invoice Management by OpenText) optimizes and simplifies the process of creating, managing, monitoring and
routing purchase orders and invoices for AP personnel and vendors. Invoices are processed more efficiently
and quickly; problem invoices are automatically routed for problem resolution, approval, and payment. VIM lets
you manage invoices through a secure, browser-based interface where AP employees and vendors can
collaborate to resolve problems, obtain invoice status, check purchase order numbers, submit invoices, and
As an option for VIM, OpenText Invoice Capture Center for SAP Solutions (ICC) further extends its capabilities
to virtually completely automate the capture of paper invoices. ICC uses optical character recognition (OCR) to
extract invoice data and virtually eliminate human intervention in the invoice capture stage of AP processing.

The combination of ICC with VIM enables end-to-end automation of paper invoice processing, thereby
maximizing the optimization of AP processes and accelerating ROI.