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Heinz: Occupational Health and Safety

an area concerned with

thesafety,healthandwelfareof people engaged
inwork or employment.

People are Heinzs greatest


Heinz Safety Process

a systematic approach to creating safe
work environments that aims to eliminate
occupational injuries and illnesses.

Heinz Safety Process

Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for;

Occupational Health & Safety can be
Every injury/illness could and should
have been prevented; and
Occupational Health & Safety is
everyones responsibility.

Heinz has also employed

dedicated and trained safety
professionals at each
manufacturing site .

All Heinz sites strive to

continuously improve safety
systems and results and address
current trends and regulatory

Operational Risk Management

a continual global process that utilizes
effective risk identification and assessment
in the development and implementation of
policies, processes, procedures, systems
and controls.

In addition, their Global Operating

Principles address health and safety as
an integral part of all operational

In 2012, the Company lowered its Total
Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)* to 1.35 from
1.64 in the prior year.
Heinz North America
from 1.49
Heinz Europe, Africa and Middle East
from 1.64
Asia Pacific
1.05 from