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Sit comfortably with closed eyes. Take 7 or 8 deep breaths. Completely aware
of vital prana entering your body
Now visualise the absorbed prana being converting into a very high voltage s
ilver white ball in your solar plexus.
Now see a tremendous flow of white light surging up out of your solar plexus
. Like an active volcano erupting thousands of volts of shattering spiritual ele
As this light shoots out of your head see it widen into a ball of about four
or five feet diameter.
You are now making contact with Higher-self.
Now without hesitation see within this circle of light that you seek as bein
g already accomplished. Believe that it is already yours.
Now feel totally and completely that your goal is already accomplished. Beli
eve that it is already on its way to you.
Now thank your Higher-self for accomplishing your will.
You should aim to perform the ritual every day until your goal is completely
Do not despair if nothing happened after a few weeks .Your higher self will
never let you down.
Trust in it completely. It will answer your dreams.