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Lesson Plan Format

NAME: Maddy Smith

Lesson Topic: Number Sense
Grade level: 6-8
Total Time: 50 minutes

Learning Goal:

EE.5.OA.3. Identify and extend numerical patterns.

EE.5.NBT.1. Compare numbers up to 99 using base ten models.

Target Goal or Skill:

Students will understand there are many ways to represent a

Students will develop number sense through experiences.
Students will understand what numbers mean, understand their
relationship to one another.
Students will understand how to use numbers in real life situation

Essential Question(s):

What do the names of numbers mean?

Why do we count?
How can we accurately count and keep track of quantities?

Topical question(s):


(Criteria / Look Fors/
Performance Tasks)

Students will be able to

Recognize and classify numbers
Skip count by 5s
Add and subtract with numbers up through 9

Formative Assessment:
Can Students..
Count manipulatives
Use visuals to write large numbers
Summative Assessment:

Needs Represented

AR- 6th grade OHI/ Muscular Dystrophy

AR is a very social young lady. She is inquisitive about the
aspects of class, and interested in what other students are doing.
AR uses a full size iPad and blue tooth keyboard. She sits in a seat
Accommodations and/or that has a foot box under the table to give her feet something to rest
on. AR also has a chewlery necklace to help her sustain focus. AR
responds best to verbal and visual redirection when distracted.
DS- 7th grade Intellectually Disabled
DS is a very social, inquisitive student. He is very aware of
himself and others. He needs prompts to stay on task and complete
his work. DS has a full size Ipad with Bluetooth keyboard to aide
independence on his google form
MX- 7th grade Intellectually Disabled
MX is a very happy, laid back student. She is very willing to
help do any job asked, and is aiming to please. She is involved in
this class to help with basic knowledge of current events, and to
aide with proper language use, and retention skills.
NK- 7th grade Intellectually Disabled
NK is a hard working 7th grader whose behavior at times
impedes his learning. When he is on task he participates and is
willing to try new things. At times he can be observed to leave
class and try to distract others. NK benefits from verbal praise, a
positive reinforcement check sheet, and the ability to move around
if need be. If his body is unable to learn he is directed to a
special seat in the front of the learn where we can self- regulate and
return to learning environment.
RR- 8th grade Intellectually Disabled
RR is a very quiet 8th grader who has significant academic
needs. He transitions independently to class and will observe other
students to pick up on what to do from task to task. He does need
support to write and type answers. When given choices he feels
much more comfortable giving his answers.
ZT- 6th grader Intellectually Disabled
ZT is a happy 6th grader, who loves to be around his peers.
He is non- verbal, and in a wheelchair. He is working on
identifying numbers 1-5. He enjoys music and receives 1:1 support
- Each student has an Ipad
- Fidgets/ chewlery availible
- 3 support staff/ two co- teachers
- In- task schedule
- high lighter to help writing
- White boards to draw visuals
- Classical music to help focus
- Smartboard to enlarge presentations
- Google classroom to help organize items

(including specific

9:54- Students finish breaks and bring supplies to assigned seats

10:00- 10:10 10 minutes of Moby Max (individualized math
program- I went in and assigned levels based on students

(including motivational
hook where applicable)

10:10 exit out of Moby Max/ read through in- task schedule for
class period
Put Ipads away

Learning Activities:

10:10-10:20 Place Value Review

Manipulatives - cubes, rods, tens
I Have.. Who Has Place Value Game


Academic Language
and Student Language
Demands required in
the lesson

Recall, Perform, Place, Introduce

Communication Skills
(see Handout)

Function: For students to understand the value of numbers

Vocabulary: ones, tens, hundreds
Syntax: Articulate an understanding for number sense
Discourse: Follow along with class, do work with as little
prompting as possible.

5 Questions (Blooms or Knowledge (recall information)

What are the values of the numbers?
How do you use number sense?
Compare and Contrast standard and expanded form?
How much is a million?
What do you observe more? Numbers written in standard or
expanded form?
Curriculum (APA)

Investigations in
Number, Data, and
Space. (2012).

Students will bring:

# Students: 6

Attached- Place Value

Attached- I have, Who has