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Friends of GraceFinder,
These words keep going
through my mind as I
contemplate Advent,
10 years on campus, and
the work we love: Peter
"Lord to whom shall we go?
You have the words of
eternal life"
and Sam says to Frodo in
Lord of the Rings "By rights
we shouldn't even be here
Mr. Frodo...".
I keep thinking that despite
the challenges of starting
with a small church
and support base in
Canada, despite loss
beyond our comprehension,
and our frailty so blazingly
displayed, God's grace
keeps finding us.
We seek after the one lost
sheep so they can hear
words seasoned with grace
yet ironically as we lose our
way God never leaves or
forsakes us. "By rights"...
We hear the stories of the
economic struggles and I
pray Lord I believe, help my
An intern finds his place in a
new church leaving a void
and then

Ordinary Outreach
Seeing through Tears
Faith and Sexuality
Worship (liturgy)


Highlights of 2015

several others show interest

in assisting on campus,
doors open for preaching,
and seminar possibilities
keep coming. Finances
waver and then more
students come
and stretch the budget.
These are the adventures of
Gracefinder and while this
the days fly by as we watch
our 20 and 16 year olds
take steps into their own
journeys of grace. "By
We witness firsthand
students who begin to see
who Jesus is. One student
has been peppering me
with questions after class
and is very open to the
Another student came over
to our house to share her
cooking with us and Lisa
has had hours of
conversation as this student
is currently a Jehovah's
Even in my doctoral exam
the one examiner asked me
"How do you find light in the
I thought, "really he asks
me here?" Wow... surprises
abound. "By rights"...
So we step into a new year
with so many possibilities,
give our deepest thanks,
and into that time of year
when we remember that
"eternity steps into time",
when we remember the
"Word was with God and
the Word was God", and
bow before the baby who is
our prophet, priest and king.
"By rights"...He works all
His grace is sufficient. In
anticipation, Bryan and Lisa

Prayer Requests
For Lisa, Bryanna (16) and Jessica (20). As we
journey into a new year with Bryanna finishing grade
11 and Jessica working, seeking possible school
options, and house sitting. Lisa meeting more and
more students one on one.
Thanks to God for letting Bryan finish his Ph.D in
For Bryan preaching at Braeside Presbyterian
Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, 20 and at Redeemer Presbyterian
Dec 27.

For students who have exams looming close.

For several students so close to kingdom who have lots of questions during this

Christmas season.
For sufficient funds to do programming for 2016.

Financial Update
For ministry health and viability in 2016:
After our monthly funding commitments from
individuals and churches we have an average
funding shortfall of $5000 a month to be raised from
lump sum donations and new monthly
We cannot express enough how thankful we are for
your faithfulness.
In grace we keep moving forward...

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