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Haley Williams

Fourth Grade Thanksgiving Song 2

Lesson Objectives: Play simple notated melodies
Play simple songs
Treble Clef fluency
Rhythmic dictation
Standards: Adopted Marshall Public Schools Academic Standards of
Expression of Music (1.1.3, 1.2.1, 1.2.3, 1.3.1, 1.3.2)
Theory of Music (3.3.2)
Materials and Resources: ELMO cart, projector, Happening Holidays
book, Piano, Mallets, Soprano xylophone, alto xylophone, bass
xylophone, soprano metallophone, alto metallophone, bass
Lesson Procedures:
a) Introduction
a. I will ask students to come into the classroom and sit in the
spot that they were in the last time they were in class. If
groups dont remember where they were I will ask them to
step to the side and once everyone has sat down I will put
them at an empty instrument. I will remind them of what
we learned last week and talk them through how today is
going to go.
b) Procedures
a. First we will review the crossovers as a class. I will ask
them to put their left mallet on low F and their right mallet
on C. I will hand them then cross their left arm over their
right and put their mallet on high F, then cross it back over
and put it back on low F. I will remind them that their right
hand never changes notes during the cross over, it plays C
the entire time. The students will practice the crossover
(low F, C, high F, C, low F etc.) with the piano and me. Then
we will switch partners so the partners can try.
b. Then we will review/learn the pulsing eighth notes for the
verses of the Thanksgiving song (some classes learned it
the previous week and some did not). I will ask the
students to put their left hand on low F and their right hand
on high F. I will play on the piano what it sounds like while
saying Du-de. Then the students will try it with me. After
everyone has had a turn or two we will move on to putting
the music with the song.

c. Because the Thanksgiving song is a little lengthy, each

student will play refrain, verse, refrain before switching
with a partner. I will be playing the piano and singing while
the students are playing their instruments.
d. After each partner has had a turn they will switch
instruments. Sopranos move directly behind them to the
alto instruments. The Altos move directly behind them to
the bass instruments. The bass instruments move all the
way up front to the soprano instruments. Once everyone
has had a chance to play each soprano, alto, and bass in
their column they will switch the kind of instrument they
are playing. The two middle columns will switch spots and
the two outer columns will switch spots. By the end of class
the goal is for each student to play a soprano, alto, and
bass metallophone and xylophone.
c) Transitions
a. In between playing along with the song students will need
reminders of what to do and what not to do
i. Du-des are NOT tremolos, they are pulsing eighth
ii. Because we have a couple of different parts playing
at the same time its very important that students
stick with my tempo
iii. If students are not at the instrument they are singing
with me
iv. Students need to sit up tall
b. I will count back from 5 when they are switching with their
partners so they know to move quickly and quietly
c. When students have switched I will remind them what
notes they are starting with and to sit up tall
d) Closure
a. Students will put the instruments away and if there is
enough time we will sit together as a class and sing/rap
through the entire Thanksgiving song
Accommodations: The only accommodations for this lesson is that if
students need more practice on a particular skill I will work on that with
them rather then just trying to move through my lesson
Assessments: (Observational) I will be assessing students on how
well they remember the crossovers and pulsing eighth notes. They will
still be assessed on how they are holding the mallets, how they are
striking the bars, and how easily they are able to follow the music.